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How to get THC out of your system fast

How to get THC out of your system fast

how to get thc out of your system fast

Reading this article helps you with how to get THC out of your system fast. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a heavy user or someone who uses cannabis as a pleasure, THC and its metabolites stay in your system. We acknowledge that we do have readers in territories that need to remain underground; however,  we do not condone irresponsible behavior.

Nowadays, there are many purposes behind which one must take a drug test. Be it for your dream job, as first responders, driving test or any other reasons behind getting rid of THC, depending on where you live, everyone ought to go through it at least once in their life.

Apart from medical examinations by many organizations, there are rigorous ways of checking THC metabolites in your system.

What is THC and how does THC affect your system?

THC is the main psychoactive part of cannabis, it’s fat-soluble and is short for tetrahydrocannabinol, one of 113 chemical compounds along with CBD called cannabinoids discovered to date in marijuana.

Scientifically speaking, this chemical compound can increase or decrease the activity of neurotransmitters and neuroreceptors which induce hypersensitivity or hyposensitivity in the brain. Based on these characteristics, there is a variety of usage of THC  from the anesthetic, which causes unconsciousness (to be used in operating rooms) to even hallucinations for spiritual and religious purposes.

Top-notch ways to detoxify THC

On the occasions of drug tests,  you might need to cleanse your bloodstream out of THC to reach your aim. There are several tests in which you could be analyzed as being under influence, these include hair follicle test, saliva test, blood test or urine test.

When is the best time to get THC out of your system?

Depending on the amount of time you have, the food you eat, your BMI, way and amount of exposure to cannabis and the kind of test you will be given, there are a variety of ways you can handle detoxification and your schedule.

The existence of THC will be shown positive in

  • urine(urinalysis) test for 1 day to 30 days or more ( most common and least expensive)
  • saliva( oral fluid) test for up to 34 hours since you start abstinence
  • blood test for 12 to 24 hours after use
  • hair follicle analysis for over 90 days (most expensive yet most accurate)

In all cases, your THC metabolite level needs to be 50 ng/mL or less for the result to be negative and you pass the test. Metabolites are chemical byproducts of THC created by the human body after exposure.

Mainly if you’re a one time user you’ll need seven days and if you’re a heavy user 2 to 4 weeks are required for cleansing and detoxifying.

Following tips are to be followed for the tests introduced, accordingly.

Get THC out of your system for urine test

There are a variety of ways in which you can get THC out of your system fast. Follow the methods below.

Beverages and foods

You will have a better chance of decreasing THC by drinking lots of water days before the test as it causes more THC in your blood to go away, however, keep in mind that you don’t want to face water intoxication by drinking too much of it because it leads to alleviation in the number of necessary electrolytes in your blood . Normally, if you’re a female you need to drink up to 3 liters a day and for males, another liter would suffice. Just remember to avoid water retention and bloating by eliminating sugar and sodium as much as possible and look for minerals and vitamins in healthy foods not processed or fast foods.

Fruits such as cranberries and grapes help detox your bloodstream in the long run. You could also try adding some electrolytes into your drinking water such as baking soda or coconut water or attempt sports drinks. It’s always cheaper to make your own concoction


B-vitamins, especially B2, 50- 100mg boosts your metabolism by using fat and protein in your body. It also makes your urine yellow which is a good way to pass the test. Try taking them along with creatine and the last one 5 hours before the test. Zinc sulfate pills or zinc rich greens such as spinach could also be consumed 6 hours prior to the test for a better result.

Herbal Pills

Supplements via self

Herbal pills

They are known for containing pectin as away of cleansing THC out of rectum (Certo method). Red clover, yellow root, and burdock root are said to have laxative effects since its soluble fiber would flush out fatty compound which is similar to what activated charcoal does in attracting bile, a fluid that causes fat emulsion for better digestion.

Is exercise necessary

Exercise some hard cardio such as jogging about 30 minutes a day remember to skip it 24 hours before the test since THC will be stored in fatty lipid tissues and enters into vessels and to your blood as energy is released through fat cells.

Just remember to keep your activity in a balanced way don’t overdo or underdo your physical activities as both will cause your fat cells to release more THC. Sauna along with exercise help you sweat and this, in turn, causes more THC out of your system.

* The more adipose tissue you have, the more cannabinoid is stored in body fat. (In other words, those with lower BMI, have a higher chance of getting rid of THC metabolite faster.)

*The more the rate of your metabolism, the less metabolite storage.

* The more you wait on consuming cannabis again, the higher chance of passing the drug tests.

See Also

Ketogenic diet

In that, you eliminate carbs and turn to a high-fat diet of course, not saturated fats!

This causes the body to burn its fat instead of carbs. However, it’s not recommended for diabetes and those who have heart diseases.

Last pointer for urine test

Never give morning urine and keep in mind that the first and last drops of your pee contain more THC metabolite than your middle stream.

Get THC out of your system for saliva test

Simply use mouthwash and gargle to remove residues and get THC out of your system fast. Brushing your teeth with baking soda as well as activated charcoal and lemon juice helps to obtain a THC negative result.

mouth wash close to the water tap

Mouthwash via

Get THC out of your system for hair follicle test

Detox shampoos containing rosemary, lemon juice, baking soda or salicylic acid may help remove metabolites out of hair follicles. There’s also no harm in using vinegar or shaving as well.

All recommendations are effective on the condition that you have sufficient time before your test otherwise you should look for other factory products or kits especially suited for the kind of test you will take.

Final words to get THC out of your system

Once you’re notified that you’ll be going through a drug test, the first step is to abstain from cannabis ASAP, right after that depending on the type of test you’ll be examined, attempt a moderate exercise as well as a healthy regimen in order to avoid keeping THC in your system longer unwantedly and get THC out of your system fast.


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