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Glass: Josh Mohawk Pisco

Glass: Josh Mohawk Pisco

One of the most profound effects of the “dab” phenomenon is the way it has inspired glass artists to create beautiful pieces design specifically for dabbing. SKUNK is proud to feature one of the finest.

Josh Pisco (aka JP or Mohawk) is an up and coming functional glass artist from Nashua, NH who specializes in functional glass pieces for consuming cannabis. The name of his company is Mohawk Glass, and his work is well known throughout New England.

His innovative work is not just his passion; it is also how he feeds his family. Josh is a father of a seven-year old daughter and a two-year old son who depend on his hard work behind the torch. He has been married for six years to Amy Lynn Pisco, who is an amazing freelance photographer that helps him take pictures of his dope creations.

“My family is my inspiration,” says Mohawk. “In order for me to provide for them I have to continue to develop my craft and push the limits to remain competitive in the glass market.” Josh is a working man’s artist, making a wide array of affordable pieces for the modest spending consumer. None of his work costs thousands of dollars like some of the trendy glass companies are putting out these days, but his pieces are incredibly beautiful in design and second to none in function.

Most consumers appreciate a well-designed piece that hits great and does not break their bank in the process. Mohawk continues to create a variety of pieces that are both unique and beautiful, and that are also cost effective. From several dab rig designs, to functional bubbler, sherlocks, and spoons for the flower lovers, Mohawk Glass creates high quality and durable pieces that cannabis users adore.

“I have a lot of glass pieces that I have collected over the years,” said cannabis activist Mickey Martin. “But on most days I enjoy my Mohawk Glass pieces because they hit great, look sexy, and can withstand my constant abuse. Quality matters to me.”

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In addition to his glassblowing, Mohawk stays active in the cannabis community. He is the chapter leader for Parents 4 Pot in New Hampshire, and is a regular at activist events throughout New England. He is dedicated to helping end cannabis prohibition and creating a world where people don’t go to jail for their choice to use weed. He is proud to be a part of the movement for social change and cannabis reform.

You can find Josh on Instagram as @mohawkglass and Mohawk glass on Facebook. You won’t be disappointed you did.

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