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Goldenseed x Sackville & Co. Pre-Rolls Have Landed!

Goldenseed x Sackville & Co. Pre-Rolls Have Landed!

During pre-pandemic times I was invited to speak at the Berlin Bar Convent in Germany on the topic of cannabis and beverages. One of the places I had to visit was the Berlin Wall. Why? History is much too important to ignore. But what does this have to do with Sackville? Significantly, because I brought stickers from their web store with me. “The Moon is High and So Am I” sticker now graces the Berlin Wall. I could have left one of their bougie weed grinders by the wall, but that wouldn’t have lasted more than a few hours. The Sackville sticker could potentially be seen by many. So, I leave you with this thought, should you see the Sackville sticker on the Berlin Wall, please take a picture of it and send it to me. Cheers! WB

Photo Credit: Warren Bobrow at the Berlin Wall

Sackville is a luxury cannabis brand designed by women who LOVE to smoke weed! 

Warren Bobrow: What was the impetus behind your partnership with Goldenseed? How did you meet?

Sackville: We are obsessive about quality – in everything we do. Goldenseed had the highest quality cannabis we had ever consumed, and that started a conversation about how we could create something really special together. That initial conversation was over two years ago (in a whole different-pre-pandemic world); it’s taken a long time, but good things usually do!

Warren Bobrow: What was your process of working with them on these two pre-rolls?

Sackville: We started preseason talking through the elements we wanted to introduce our audience to through our own pre-rolls. It was very important to us that our pre-rolls had their own personality, the same way our brand does, so we worked with the master growers at Goldenseed to explore strains and terpene profiles to create what we felt embodied who we are with two truly unique flavor profiles and experiences. 

Photo Courtesy of Sackville.Co

Warren Bobrow: Please tell me about “From NY With Love” – why is this campaign significant, why now? 

Sackville: We are a New York-based brand, and we truly believe NY has such an incredible cannabis culture that doesn’t get talked about as much as the west coast. We wanted to bring our NY energy and vision to the CA market.

Warren Bobrow: Where do you see cannabis legalization headed in NY? 

Sackville: In-roads are being made, we expect to see actual recreational retail stores start to open their doors around 2023, and New York will not step into the space quietly. We expect to see incredible experiential retail and in-person experiential events that really tell the cultural story of cannabis (obviously, we will have to see how regulations play out to know how wild this will go), but we expect New York to bring art, music, and culture to the cannabis industry in a way that hasn’t been seen yet.

Warren Bobrow: What’s next for Sackville in the cannabis world?

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Photo Courtesy of Sackville.Co

Sackville: Global domination 😉 But truly, we see Sackville growing our reach across the US as cannabis legalizes and continuing to gain a reputation around the world (were currently sold in 31 states and seven countries and growing fast!) We would love to get more into consumption products in other states, but as we all know, that takes time, and we really are obsessive about quality, so we need to ensure anything we put our name on is something we truly love and want to share with the world. In the short term, we are excited to launch a new Design Series this month! We have worked with several incredible artists in different modalities from fashion design, painting, graphic design, and illustration to create limited-edition collections, their take on our brand. They were given free rein to use their voice and talents to express themselves, a creative incubator of sorts. We will be highlighting these incredible artists throughout the year, so stay tuned! 

Sackville & Co., a design-focused, contemporary cannabis accessories brand from NYC created by women who love weed, has teamed up with Santa Cruz legacy growers Goldenseed on their first THC offering!

 Sackville worked closely with Goldenseed to develop two terpene-infused, full flower pre-rolls: Beach Daze and Night Haze, featuring the high-quality cannabis you expect from Goldenseed with the stylish flair of Sackville & Co., infused with Goldenseed’s own cannabis flower terpenes. 

Of the collab, Goldenseed’s Marketing Director Aaron Martinez said: “We are so stoked to finally be working with Sackville & Co., a collaboration that has been long in the making and stifled by the pandemic. We have always admired Sackville’s empowering female energy, unapologetically East Coast vibes, design-forward aesthetics, and vision for their brand. This collaboration is the melding of two cultures, from the coasts of California where we grow our cannabis to the raw grit of NYC – we are connected by passion, art, style, and commitment to crafting high-quality cannabis products.” 

Beach Daze and Night Haze pre-rolls are available for purchase in dispensaries throughout California at $40/5-pack.