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Aerated compost tea

Aerated compost tea


Greetings gardeners!

We’d like to share with you the first of a series of short articles concerning organic gardening and highlighting some of the nutrient-rich, economical, and environmentally friendly products available to better your plants’ lives. As the Canadian home of Boogie Brew – the Farmer’s Friend©, and a manufacturer and distributor of many other natural organic gardening products, Kootenay Biological Soils (KBS) is excited to explain how these products work within the soil biosystem for healthier organic gardens everywhere.

So to get started, let’s talk about aerated compost tea.

“What’s a compost tea,” you may ask. “Some sort of smelly afternoon drink?”

A compost tea is a liquid produced by extracting bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes from compost. It charges your soil with microorganisms that help provide your plants with nutrition, correct deficiencies, and protect them from diseases. It’s best applied through soil drenches, but there is more to know before you dump-n-go.

Compost tea is agitated and aerated for a time with a food source and nutrients to allow the bacteria, fungi, and microorganisms to replicate in the billions. It’s important that your tea receives a large oxygen airflow in order to avoid the tea going anaerobic. If your tea doesn’t get enough oxygen, you could inadvertently brew elements that are toxic for your soil; to avoid any issues, make sure to discard suspected anaerobic tea.

Water temperature must also be taken into consideration. Water that’s too cold may mean the “good stuff” will grow too slowly or possibly not even colonise at all; too hot and you can have heavy die-offs and potential pathogen growth. A water temperature between 18 to 29 degrees celsius is within the appropriate range.

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In addition to soil drenches, compost tea can also be applied directly to the leaves of plants. This is called foliar feeding, and basically colonizes microorganisms on the plants’ surface, where they’re able to absorb essential elements. This makes a great protective barrier.

Keeping microorganisms in your soil cycling is key to the success of your garden; that’s why compost tea, with all of its advantages, is a must in any organic gardener’s arsenal.

The concept is fairly simple but making your own can be difficult; Boogie Brew 2-Part Tea© is an amazing product because the science has all but been taken care of for you. Both Boogie Brew Base™ and Boogie Brew Bloom™ have the right blend of ingredients to make an amazing, well-balanced compost tea – that’ll make your plants dance!. You’ll get amazing results no matter what you’re growing, from cannabis to fruits & vegetables, and even exotic plants. For more on this product and others, check out Kootenay Biological Soils at

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