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Grower Interview: Luc Krol, Paradise Seeds

Grower Interview: Luc Krol, Paradise Seeds

SKUNK: When and why did you start growing?

Luc: I started my growing career when I was 17 years old. At the time, someone introduced me to marijuana that was grown in Colombia. Smuggled through the Caribbean to Holland by a young man who used to live there. It was a fantastic experience I had so much fun that I will never forget the first time! The feeling after smoking these first pure joints of very dried and dark marijuana was a sensation. I knew then that I wanted to grow some of these potent plants that can bring joy and pleasure.

So I took a few seeds and planted them in my parents garden…that’s how my career as grower and breeder began. In 1994, Paradise Seeds was officially established after a bust by the police. We were producing selling and giving away seeds years before. Because of the bust we needed to become official. In Holland at the time one was allowed to make seeds, but not to produce weed for consumption.

Although our plants were seeded at the time of the bust and we even had a small catalogue, I also needed the official papers to convince the judge that what I was doing was legitimate and I managed to do so. Later the laws in Holland changed because many big time growers used the same argument and always held a single male plant ready to be prepared in case of a police raid. We on the contrary were breeding and developed strains of high potency and yield in combination with a fine sweet or spicy taste.


SKUNK: Are you soil or hydro and why?

Luc: We like to grow in soil and used to always prepare it ourselves. Now it is easiest to get the ready-made bags of dirt specially made for our sacred plant. We prefer growing in soil because we think the quality of the weed is better, the flavors and aroma are more abundant and the taste is much richer. Also, the psychoactive effect is stronger and more complex. It is not scientifically proven but the bud grown in soil is more intense than when grown in an inert medium.

I have to admit; the size and the look of the buds are often a bit better when grown in hydro or rockwool, but I consider this far less important than the taste and the general effect, it’s like the difference between the tasty and juicy tomatoes grown by your grandparents or someone you know with a back garden and the tomato’s that lay on the shelves of the supermarket.


SKUNK: What strains are your favorites to grow?

Luc: There are many interesting crosses on the market of which some varieties are of excellent quality. My personal favourites are Sensi Star, which is legendary, and Nebula, which gives maximum brain power and an overdose of tasty buds and the musky /sweetness of Sheherazade her exceptional strong rush is sensational. Not to forget the Swiss Bliss, Sugar Babe or Dutch Dragon these plants are also superb and every grower should have grown and smoked those at least a dozen times!!


SKUNK: How did you learn to grow?

Luc: For me, growing weed was right from the start the most rewarding thing in the world. Being amongst the plants every day is always pleasant and gives a calming effect. By watching the cannabis plant’s life cycle change very quickly and when everything goes smooth you see them grow fast. First as little seedlings then growing into healthy plants getting bigger and bigger and then when the light cycle changes and the plants are getting less hours of light per day, you can see them developing buds which also grow bigger in size everyday. After a while the scent gets stronger, the plants flowers are getting ripe, it is a matter of daily care and devotion and of good genetics and after a while when the buds grown spectacular they are ready to harvest. All in all growing cannabis is a wonderful thing to do!!

You can get information on growing cannabis at a growshop or even on the internet at websites like ours, We give some basic grow tips that are quite handy for most small gardens or plantations.


SKUNK: What do you do with your shake?

Luc: After the harvest and after drying the flowers we store our top quality silver/gold nuggets in jars! We have trimmed the big bushes and manicured it meticulously! The small leaves and the very little buds from the bottom of the plant are saved and stored until there is enough to throw in a pollinator. This is a machine to make good quality hash that is shaking and   tumbling the small leaves and left over trimmings on a sieve. The little resin glands of which hash is made fall through and are collected.

This powder is the crème of the crop and can be either pressed or smoked as powder. We like to have it pressed, ideally with a piecemaker , a very handy tool, easy to use which gives impressive results. Smoking either this piece of hash or the cured buds is amazing. It is so full of taste and when its gets into your lungs they expand and give room to more of the same to enter your body cells and brain. With this, you get high and relaxed at the same time. It’s unlike alcohol or cocaine to feel and see things with renewed energy. It heightens the senses. It’s a unique feeling!

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SKUNK: What’s your favorite thing to do after smoking one?

Luc: One can enjoy music more and lovemaking is even more pleasurable after smoking good quality cannabis.


SKUNK: What is your biggest reason for wanting cannabis legal?

Luc: I strongly believe cannabis should be legal because I see many people benefit from it. I know people that use it medicinally. For them it is very important to be able to use marijuana. Which makes their lives and illness a little more bearable. Also recreational use would be best if it becomes legal. First and for all I find that everybody should decide for themselves if they want to use cannabis. In the case of marijuana consumption there is no harm or danger for anyone! Using cannabis is not harmful. Something which you can’t say of many legal drugs you can get through your doctor or pharmacy!

Maybe one day cannabis will be accepted when people realize the war on drugs is a hoax and not any longer supported by the majority of people who are now being suppressed and lied to and have their families broken up by unjust laws. The cannabis plant shouldn’t be demonised but recognized for what it is, a non-harmful medicine and a very resourceful plant.

This article appears in Volume 1 – Issue 2 of SKUNK Magazine.

Luc Krol of Paradise Seeds

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