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HAVING POPPED YOUR SEEDS or acquired clones is an exciting time! We look at these humble beginnings and we dream of what may be come harvest time. When it is time to harvest, we want the plant to have reached its full potential – to be full of the cleanest, highest quality medicine we could hope for!

In order to get there, we need to have a clear mindset from the beginning – to provide the best environment we can to our plant(s). One of the most important aspects of growing is your growing media, and this needs to be thoroughly considered if we are to get the kind of results we are hoping for! Just like us, the plant needs oxygen, water, and proper diet. Keep in mind that cannabis is an annual plant – meaning it lives its entire life cycle within the space of a year: seeds sprout, the plant grows up as big as it can, then begins to produce flowers as the hours of daylight shorten with the changing of the season, produces seeds (if males are present to provide the pollen needed to fertilize the female flowers), and dies off.

Big Rootz unloading

These types of plants thrive in a highly oxygenated soil, allowing their roots to spread and develop quickly. Annuals are highly motivated to grow as fast as they can, as they know they only have one shot. High oxygen content in your soil is the #1 focus in allowing the plant to grow quickly in a short amount of time. The healthier and happier your root zone is, the happier your plant will be above ground. A light, fluffy soil is paramount to achieving the kind of explosive growth we want to see. We like using inputs like coco coir, ligna peat, and peat moss to fluff things up, and we also use a generous amount of pumice stone to provide aeration; this is the base for our Big Rootz soil. Other options for increasing soil aeration include: rice hulls, vermiculite, perlite, etc.

The next consideration is water – you want a soil that has good drainage and aeration, but it also needs to have excellent water holding capacity. In our Big Rootz Soil mix the same peat, coco, and pumice stone base that allow for such amazing aeration also provide the water holding capabilities we are looking for. This mix allows for the perfect combination of oxygenation and hydration. If the mix is too dense, the plant will have a difficult time getting the proper amount of oxygen in the root zone. The coco, peat, and pumice all provide water AND oxygen holding capabilities.

Pat and Big Rootz Pic

Finally, we must think about food – what are we feeding the soil for the microbiology to process and feed the plant? There are two main trains of thought – one is to use as few inputs as needed for the plant to perform – the other is to provide a wide array of inputs to foster diversity within the microbiology. With our Big Rootz Soil mix, we chose the latter. We have, without a doubt, seen great meds produced off of little more than fish and kelp, but we prefer diversity. It is our feeling that providing a diverse food source, promotes a stronger root zone with a better microbe population – resulting in a stronger, over-all healthier plant. We use amendments in our soil such as: rock phosphate, volcanic ash, seabird guano, feather meal, bone meal, fish meal, neem meal, kelp meal, bat guano, langbeinite, azomite, oyster shell, etc. We also include dolomite to balance the ph. Because we grow in a balanced, organic soil 

Now that we have put together all the ingredients to create a perfect home for your plant’s root zone, we need to supply the laborers who will do the work in the root zone – the microbes! We recommend a good, organic compost and earthworm castings to jumpstart the microbiology. Also, we highly suggest having mycorrhizae in your soil. Mycorrhizae are fungi that colonize the roots, actually living and growing on the roots themselves. These fungi act as processors to turn soil inputs in plant-available food. It is these microbes, along with the help of some humic acid that work to unlock all the love and goodness we poured into our soil mix.

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We find that when we grow using this method, our plants love their life, and they reward us with a clean, high-quality end product. We believe in quality being the highest priority and we choose a method that caters to that goal. We trust that if you try it, you will be a believer in the superiority of organic gardening and the increase in quality that proper, organic methods will yield.


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