Healthy Stoner Snacks: Guilt-Free Munchies

Crop King

Ah, munchies – the insatiable urge to eat after smoking weed. The cravings and ensuing feasts can be sweet, or leave you feeling salty, depending on your health goals.


Weed almost always makes eating more enjoyable. It heightens the sense of taste and smell, making even the most boring food more palatable. Some individuals who have difficulty eating enough turn to cannabis for its appetite stimulating properties that often seem to work like magic. On the other hand, some consumers view the munchies as an unwanted side effect (hello, undesired weight gain).


Those in the latter category will know the problem of munchies is not only about the quantity of food, but also the quality of your treats. Indulging in pizza, fries, burgers, nachos, burritos, ice cream, and cookies can seriously impact your health- especially if you smoke daily- with illnesses such as obesity, heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes.


DON’T PANIC! If you find yourself binge-eating but don’t want to put down the pot, you can still enjoy strains like Cheese, Jack Herer, Afghani, Bubblegum, and Sweet Tooth without having a bad case of the munchies. Don’t feel like switching strains? Here are some treats that are guilt-free yet flavourful alternatives to the usual greasy and sweet cravings:


Fruit Bowl
Fruits are bursting with antioxidants and are extremely hydrating. Devouring a bowl of succulent fruit is very refreshing – especially if you’re on a cerebral high after toking a superb sativa such as known one-hit-and-quit Amnesia Haze. Toss together sliced strawberries, grapes, mangoes, raspberries, and a bit of sweetened yogurt into a bowl and it will suddenly feel like you are in a tropical paradise. It’s stay-cation time!

Sometimes there is no need to overcomplicate things. Smoothies are quick and easy to make. They go down easily after puffing a joint. They are perfect for countering cottonmouth caused by even the yummiest wake and bake strains like Blue Dream. Try blending pineapple, spinach, kale, banana, and almond milk (as base). Go for the healthier route by not adding ice cream or any sweetener. Smoothies add a rejuvenating touch to your cannabis experience.

Frozen Banana Bites
This lip-smacking frozen treat is a crowd pleaser. They are sweet, cold, and satisfying. Just ask anyone who has gone bananas after getting a taste of Trader Joe’s Gone Bananas. Make this copycat recipe at home and consume it whenever you feel yourself succumbing to the munchies. Its sweetness provides a nice balance to the sour flavour profile of NYC Diesel. This enjoyable pairing will help fuel your imagination and creativity to make magic happen and get work done.

So you are feeling inspired and energetic after a few hits of Green Crack and then hunger just hits you out of nowhere. You see avocados and watermelon sitting on the countertop. Holy moly, you just had an epiphany. Why not make a guacamole recipe with a twist? Just combine mashed avocados, feta cheese, jalapeño, watermelon, cilantro, lime, and red onion in a bowl and season with a little salt and pepper. Behold, you have just whipped up a hunger satisfying masterpiece.

Peanut Butter

Let us not leave out the all-time favourite: peanut butter. Homemade versions are healthier but store-bought PB is also packed with protein and good fat. Pair it with apples or multigrain bread or smear it on vegetables to make a fast, crunchy treat. Let’s be honest, just grab a spoon and dig into the container! Better yet, pair it with Girl Scout Cookies and the high will feel even more divine. These two make a winning combination in our books.

Nut Bars
They are tasty, portable, and great at filling you up and keeping you energized. No wonder outdoor adventure lovers always carry around nut bars. There is no shortage of pre-packaged options in stores. We recommend choosing those that are low in additives and processed sugars. Thinking of making them yourself? Why not customize the ingredients in this chewy granola bar recipe? Adding dark chocolate to the mix seems like a good idea. Munch on a bar (or two) to go hand-in-hand with the delicious and euphoric hit of AK47. So good!!

Munchies do not have to ruin your diet. The next time you feel ‘snacky,’ try the selection above. Pair the snack of your choice with your favourite strain for a guilt-free, post-smoke, snack-a-palooza!