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High Biz: The HighTop ash & stash Shows Us How Friendly Cannabis Innovation Can Be

High Biz: The HighTop ash & stash Shows Us How Friendly Cannabis Innovation Can Be

Three Friends, Two Joints, and 1 Dope High Idea

For cannabis entrepreneurs, 2020 is the beginning of a new era of innovation. This is especially true for the creators of the HighTop Shop and their product the HighTop ash & stash Pre-Roll Tube.

After spending a few years apart, the three friends behind the brand, Massimo “Max” Lopez, Nick Oliveira and Philip Burke, reconnected when Max moved back to Miami, FL.

“What better way to catch-up with old friends than burning down a perfectly rolled joint while sharing stories,” they told High Biz.

Their first session together had all the elements of the typical stoner movie: hot-boxing in a Honda Accord, uncontrollable laughter, and high-ideas floating around as they drifted pass Cloud 9.

“The first time [we reconnected] and smoked a blunt together had us feeling like [Obba Babtunde’s character] Dean Carl Cain from the movie “How High” when he was high at the party during the last scenes of the movie,” they wrote over email.

“It was the first time we all had smoked a blunt together and we had two in rotation, which led us to go and eat everything that we laid eyes on. In the words of Dean Carl Cain, we “had the munchies like a motherfucker!”

Right before 2019 ended, the group launched their first product, the HighTop ash & stash Pre-Roll Tube.

“During our usual smoke sessions, we started brainstorming about the different issues we were constantly having when smoking. We collectively began to come up with solutions to problems that no one bothered to notice that [joint smokers] had,” they added.

Their product answers the question that has left many stoners puzzled:

How can I ash my joint without ruining it?

The HighTop ash & stash Pre-Roll Tube is definitely the answer to that problem. There is something magical about being able to easily ash your joint, stash it away, and stick it in your back pocket or bag for later.

The three men have created a product that is easy to pull out at any time:

  • As you roll out of bed, excited to start the day with a wake and bake session;

  • After that afternoon meeting with your annoying co-workers;

  • During a hot-boxing session with your friends; or

  • Right before you count your blessing at the end of the day

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All you have to do it grab your HighTop ash & stash, pull out your joint, get blazed, ash it, and stash it away for later.

Super easy.

The tube comes in three colors: Onxy BlackPearl Pink; and Nugget Gold and retails between $9.95 and $10.95.

The HighTop ash & stash is at the forefront of cannabis innovation because it is a simple product that doesn’t have to go above and beyond to meet the needs of joint lovers.

The guys behind the HighTop ash & stash are looking to the future. They have found an innovative way for us joint lovers to use weed in our everyday lives.

The pre-roll tubes simplistic design only elevates the message that Max, Nick, and Phillip are trying to convey: weed is about functionality.

They’re also reminding us how important it is to smoke more weed with our friends because you never know what ideas will be birthed during a good hot-boxing session.