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7 High Energy Strains

7 High Energy Strains


Smokers from across the globe agree that sativa strains work even better as a morning ‘pick-me-up’ than a cup of coffee. It’s not surprising then, that more and more people are replacing their caffeine intake with cannabis.

If you are looking for daytime strains that give you a boost in energy, uplift your spirits, and keep your mind focused, these seven high-energy strains are for you:

Green Crack
You have heard of this strain before. Green Crack wakes you up and puts you in the zone. It gives a brilliant cerebral high, jolt of energy, and a big mood boost. It’s said to inspire moments of bliss and relaxation with temporary distortions in the perception of time. This strain is revered for its potency and intense upbeat effects. It’s not recommended to those new to cannabis.

Durban Poison
This sativa masterpiece will lighten up your spirits in no time. Durban Poison delivers an intense cerebral high and spike in energy. It will help you break your creative roadblock and accomplish everything on your to-do list. Despite its menacing name, Durban Poison delivers a clearheaded high with no trace of stoning. You just know for sure that it is going to be a productive day.

Sour Diesel
One whiff of its citrusy, pungent buds is all you need to understand why it was named as such. Just like a real diesel fuel, Sour Diesel gets you revved up quickly in the form of a warm and pleasant head rush. Those suffering from mood disorders will benefit from the total burst of energy and happiness. Once you toke this strain, your standard of quality high might just change.

Jack Herer
Like the man himself, Jack Herer strain is a legend in the cannabis world. The high it produces is an excellent balance between cerebral and physical effects – euphoric, creative, energetic, uplifting, relaxing. It will keep you alert and on your toes without any trace of nervousness or anxiety. The well-rounded high and fairly low THC content compared to other energizing strains make Jack Herer great for cannabis newbies.

Chocolope crushes stress, fatigue, and anxiety in a deliciously decadent way. This wake and bake strain with chocolatey flavor and aroma is a perfect coffee pairing. The high it brings is energetic, focused, and euphoric. The mental effects can be described as a tranquil mind-warp. It leaves smokers feeling happy, motivated, and optimistic.

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Super Silver Haze
If you were to choose among tons of Haze strains out there, Super Silver Haze should be on top of your list. Known as the king of all Sativas in the 90s, this strain clears your mind, boosts your energy and makes you feel calm—but not sedated. It does seem to slow down time, but it is still reliable for creative pursuits. Super Silver Haze is a pick-me-up that you will never forget.

Expect to be caught in a whirling feeling of inspiration and euphoria when you toke this sativa. Vortex sucks away anxiety, stress, and depression and offers relief from aches and pain. It allows you to stay stimulated, creative, and productive. Don’t be surprised if you’ll find yourself wanting for more puffs as its pleasant lemon and mango flavors are difficult to resist. Get ready for a wild, giggly ride in space.

Keep in mind that these high energy strains, as with all Sativas, are best saved before bedtime. Those prone to anxiety should start with low doses.

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