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Homegrown Cannabis Co. – DIY SCROG Pot for Bigger Yields

Homegrown Cannabis Co. – DIY SCROG Pot for Bigger Yields

How to Build a Self Contained SCROG Pot for Bigger Yields | Homegrown Garden with Kyle Kushman

What’s better than a SCROG? A yield-increasing, portable, easy-to-build, fully maneuverable SCROG!!!

Parker Curtis enlists the help of legendary cannabis cultivator, Kyle Kushman, to build a super-useful, portable SCROG bucket for the bushy weed plants at the Homegrown Cannabis Co. Garden.

These buckets will improve the quality of your cannabis bud and can pretty much double the productivity and of your plants.

They’re extremely easy to build, requiring nothing more than basic DIY skills and access to a hardware store – you won’t need a degree from CALTECH to make your own!

How do they work? They allow your plants to grow horizontally as well as vertically, proliferating bud sites and massively increasing light penetration inside the canopy.

You can move them around, rotate them, take them out of bad weather – they’re ideal for gardens with limited space and much easier to manage than a 20-plant SCROG.

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You can see Parker smiling proudly as Kyle describes the buckets as a supercropping technique – well, you could if Parker’s beard wasn’t so thick!!!

If you want to boost yields quickly, easily and cheaply, learn how to build a SCROG bucket with Kyle, Parker and the Homegrown Cannabis Co.