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HQ Barcelona Wants to Make World Wide Weed Happen

HQ Barcelona Wants to Make World Wide Weed Happen

HQ Barcelona World Wide Weed


World Wide Weed is one of our (HQ Barcelona) club’s slogans, representative of our collective effort to show the world that the cannabis community is diverse, unique and original. We have advanced, but in many parts of the world cannabis consumers are still stigmatized, condemned and wrongly accused. We want to combat prejudices and open ways for fair legislation and regularization is through information and evidence.

This is why we have joined forces with certified doctors from Medcan. Starting from now, all of the HQ members that are cannabis consumers, either for medicinal or therapeutic reasons have a chance to set up an appointment with a specialized doctor in our club. Each professional will diagnose each case individually and designate a therapeutic cannabis consumer card to those who really need it.

This license is backed up by certified doctors as proof that you consume cannabis for therapeutic reasons in Spain and inform others that you consume cannabis as your personal right. It is important to take note that in Catalunya, the possession or use of drugs in a public place is not a crime, but when consumed or transported in a public space the consumer can receive a fine valued between 300 or 6,000 euros since it is still a civil misdemeanor. It’s also important to note that World Wide Weed is the goal. As a reminder, it’s not the present reality. Many countries and jurisdictions have harsh laws and penalties.

It is our goal to create consciousness and raise awareness for legal, medicinal and security authorities about its responsible consumption. If we all join forces and cooperate with this World Wide Weed social movement, we can not only change perspectives but find a powerful tool and progressively gain our right to use this power plant responsibly.

HQ Barcelona World Wide Weed

Details about the medicinal card appointments:

  • All of our members can set up a previous appointment with our reception team that can take place Monday- Friday at between 11:00 am until 1:00 pm and 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm. Availability is subject to change if the patient and doctor can coordinate a convenient time and if they want to coordinate their appointment online.
  • The value of the doctor’s appointment and the cost of the medicinal cannabis license is 33 euros.
  • The medicinal card will be valid for a year.

Here’s some footage we used to promote our World Wide Weed campaign that we put together with our HQ Barcelona team you may find useful.
These are the testimonies of Manuel, Pati, Roxy and Tito part of our HQ family, they are medicinal, therapeutic and recreational cannabis consumers that want to show the world that cannabis can cure pain, heal wounds, help us socialize or simply motivate us to jumpstart the day or wind down.

World Wide Weed Testimonies:

  • Manuel:
  • Pati:
  • Roxy:
  • Tito:

This is a collective effort from the HQ Barcelona team (@somoshq) and Medcan.
If you have any doubts or questions please contact our media team at [email protected] and [email protected]

Link to Survey:

Frequently asked questions:

What is a cannabis club?
A cannabis club is a non-commercial association of collective cultivation that only produces very limited amounts of cannabis, just enough to cover the personal needs of their club members. All members pay a small annual fee to fund the operation, this means that there is technically no selling or buying, and every member is warned that consumption has to happen indoors, and that public consumption and use of cannabis is prohibited by law. A club is based on a closed community and its not just a sales market
where people can come and go. This is what makes it so special and different from commerce.

What is HQ Barcelona?
HQ Barcelona is a cannabis club. We are based on forming a close-knitted community with our members. The HQ members are not only in the club because they love to smoke, but because they want to participate in different activities, events and sports that we provide, because they like our style, our creations and our point of view, it is something much more specific and rich than a dispensary.

To join HQ you have to be personally sponsored by a member and wait days until you have the right to dispense cannabis. The fact that not everyone is welcomed-in creates a safeguard environment to work in a regulated and safe environment. Members choose to abide by the rules.

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Support the World Wide Weed campaign by spreading the word and purchasing swag at the HQ Barcelona store.

This Press Release was provided by HQ Barcelona.

Words by: Micaela Di Julio

Videos by: Christian Tuazón