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Omura X- Uncomplicated, Sophisticated, and Elegant Cannabis Enjoyment

Omura X- Uncomplicated, Sophisticated, and Elegant Cannabis Enjoyment

I want to tell you about a most elegant solution to a vexing problem. The problem is combustion, and the solution is vapor. But the solution, in this case, is not like other hand-held vaporizers for flower that I’ve used. This one is truly unique. You don’t have to handle hot, spent herbs, nor do you have to clean anything after using it.

The device itself is elegant, about three inches tall and about an inch wide, rounded at the ends, shaped like a woman’s compact or European style lipstick. The color is burnished gold, luxurious and subtle. There is a brushed finish, ostensibly to keep the thing from slipping out of your hand.

It’s very easy to hold, and the shape doesn’t shout cannabis pipe. The device takes tiny paper tubes filled with precisely the correct amount of cannabis. You can choose from a plethora of fine cannabis growers for a pure experience, or you can fill your own with the handy and classic empty tubes to fill with your own choice of cannabis or even hemp. I opened the little drawer containing the fill-your-own tube and ground up some really fine herbs from Simple Farms in California that found their way into my Gemini grinder. How did that happen? 

Carrier Pigeon? Perhaps.

The overall experience of inhalation with the Omura X is gentle and certainly not forced. This device does not get hot in your hand, nor does it require a difficult cleaning regimen with small tools that get lost easily.

It is easy to love the Omura X because it doesn’t scream pot-smoker. This tool is classy over flashy, and it fits into your hand with comfort and ease. After inhaling the hemp sticks, I wanted something a bit racier, so I filled my own tubes with that amazing cannabis and enjoyed a lovely sesh without filling my office with smoke. What I achieved is exceptional in scope, I surprised myself by the quality and the verve of this device.

To use the device, you tenderly sip the little cannabis-filled straw to reveal two different temperatures of terpene-rich vapor. The first temperature is low. The second is high. You cannot read the degrees, but that’s really unimportant at the end of the day. You’ll get really high off low or high; low offers a bit more taste and a longer sesh time, it seems. High gets you stoned, right quick. I received mine with prefilled hemp sticks, and they closely resembled the THC-rich cannabis that I would usually use. They had great flavor from the Omura X, and the aroma was not acerbic in any way. A very relaxing and comforting experience.

To fill the tubes, you grind your favorite herbs quite finely in your grinder, then dip the short end into your grinder, pressing your mixture into the tiny tube. You’ll know when it is full. You want to be able to pull vapor through it, so don’t overfill it and make it hard to inhale through. It’s really a learned art. Not hard at all to figure out. More a learning curve in the positive demeanor.

I usually have a lot of problems with coughing after smoking cannabis—especially poorly cured versions. The Omura X makes the entire experience of smoking a joy. The comfort of vapor over smoke is priceless. And to know that you really cannot smell that vapor. It dissipates quickly makes for a less offensive environment to others. I love how it makes me feel. Very comfortable, easy to enjoy, fun to taste. Easy to share- because each tube is one use only.

I dig it! Five Stars!

Cost? About a hundred dollars, US.


Caliva – California

Tradecraft Farms – California

TSO – California

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· Omura Series X is a first-of-its-kind whole flower vaporizer with a dual heat source oven inside.

· Oven uses Heat-not-Burn technology to gently heat the whole flower through a patented heat curve.

· Components are housed in a slim design by award-winning industrial designer Michael Young, offering one of the smallest and technically sophisticated vaporizers in the market. 

· Omura has made 1,000 Series XLEs for the Holidays using knurled magnesium casing, each engraved with their own collector’s number. Each device also comes with a limited edition Flowerstick™ Holding Charging Base.

· Creates an elevated social experience that leaves minimal vapor and no lingering odor.

· Customers can choose to enjoy their flower via fill-your-own sustainable flower sticks, included in the bundle, or prefilled, dosed CBD or THC options are available.