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Humble Beginnings: Preparing and Germinating Seeds

Humble Beginnings: Preparing and Germinating Seeds

THE FIRST THING to consider when you are getting ready to pop some seeds are your genetics. It is important to get quality genetics, because we want quality medicine! We recommend sourcing your genetics from breeders with a reputation of consistency; and when it comes to this part of the process – spend some time researching, as this will pay off in the long run! Once you have narrowed down a few reputable seed companies, you will want to consider your setup (indoor, full season outdoor, greenhouse, etc.), and what attributes you are looking for in your plants. Think about what the environment will be like for the plant, as various strains can tolerate different environments, have different flowering times, and different growth structure, i.e. branch and bud development. This will help you select which strain(s) will work for you.

Once you have your seeds, it is time to get started on popping those babies! There are many methods and options for germinating seeds – here is the one we use and it works for us consistently:

Materials Needed

  1. Water – free of chlorines and chloramines
  2. The Amazing Doctor Zymes – enzyme cleaner and preventative measure against molds and pathogens
  3. A cup or jar
  4. Unbleached paper towels – 4 to 8 sheets, depending on thickness
  5. 2 plates or trays
  6. SEEDS!!!

We use The Amazing Doctor Zymes, at a rate of 1 oz per pint of water, and we put our seeds in. When using Doctor Zymes throughout this whole process, we greatly reduce (if not eliminate) the opportunity for fungus or disease to attack our seeds as they are germinating. The yeast and enzymes in the Zymes kill off spores and pathogens, allowing the seeds to germinate in a clean environment. We allow the seeds to soak overnight, absorbing water and releasing oxygen. The next morning, we give the seeds a swirl and let them settle. The seeds that sink to the bottom are good, while we discard the seeds left floating on top. Our experience with these “floaters” is that they seldom germinate, and when they do, the plant that grows out seems to struggle and never really produce.

Next, we strain the seeds out of the water and place them on unbleached paper towels. We mist the paper towels, until thoroughly damp, with The Amazing Doctor Zymes ready-to-use spray bottle. We then space the seeds on the towels so that when the taproots pop and grow out, they do not become entangled with one another.

After spacing them, we cover with more damp paper towels and place in a dark place, at room temperature. We are careful to check them a few times a day and make sure they do not dry out. Keep in mind that totally saturating them is not good either – we are shooting for a happy balance between moisture, humidity, and oxygen.

Our final step is to place them between the damp paper towels, between two plates or shallow trays, and into a dark, room temperature drawer or closet. As long as we check on them often and ensure proper moisture content in the paper towels, within 2 to 3 days, we start seeing the tap roots coming out of their shell. After 3-5 days from starting, the seeds should be ready to begin their journey in the growing medium you have selected.

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Written by Michael Williams for The Soil King ™ and Seed 2 Soul Farms ™


Michael is a Northern California native and devoted cannabis advocate. He currently works for The Soil King and Seed 2 Soul Farms, who are devoted to bringing world-class, clean, and organic medicine to the people – changing the world, one plant at a time.

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