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THE GENERAL PUBLIC is being constantly bombarded with propaganda and stories fed to them by the Liberal party about the upcoming plan to legalize cannabis. They seem to be soaking it up and be living in anticipation of these new freedoms.   The original election promise was for July 2018 (Cannabis Day was the hope) with a few delays they are now promising the roll out of the regime for the end of the summer. It seems to the average Canadian we are being progressive and creating a vision of tolerance and acceptance of cannabis as a recreational choice.  However, the reality is much different.

The act creates a sterile environment in which cannabis is allowed to be sold.  No advertising and no branding. Safety first and protect the children is the constant rhetoric welded by the Liberal MP’s.  However, the double standard for Alcohol is glaringly obvious. Major sport and entertainment venues are sponsors and boldly advertised to the public.  Promoted and encouraged as an acceptable social activity. Yet, alcohol has proven to do far more damage than cannabis historically. Officer Johnson, head of the parliament security for the RCMP, once told me that he never needs to break up the brawls of stoners.  The perception of the police at its highest security level is met with the knowledge of non violence and rational thinking. Even with the increased attention on Cannabis and the harms and risks associated, the CMA contradicts their own journal. Cannabis has a long history of patient testimonials of effectiveness and very few, if any, definitive studies stating harm caused solely by the use of cannabis.   At some point the CMA is going to have to believe the patients. The second hand smoke cries by the opposition are easily answered within the pages of CMA JOURNAL.

Each province is being given the responsibility of a retail model or choice of dispensing the aromatic flower of my passion. Many have stated they are not ready for this level of responsibility on all fronts.  Each province potentially will have different methods of supplying the public, however, one constant would be; only an LP will be able to sell the product to the public. No craft or home grows allowed. Considering the ongoing lawsuits about contaminated product by patients and the amount of recalls as well as a lack in quality products, it seems absurd that this model would prove successful.  

The Liberal agenda is to strictly control and regulate the sale of cannabis to protect the children and deliver a safe product to the public.  While removing the black market from its business model. In doing so for recreational use, they must then change the criminal code; for this is how our land is governed.  The Cannabis Act which includes C-45 and C-46 both are riddled with new offences under this new freedom, putting children more at risk then the intended goal. Twenty seven new offences under the guise of freedom seems counterproductive. Filling up the courts and putting at risk children whom were once free from persecution of use.

Canada is creating a model for Cannabis sales on an international basis.  Jamaica, Mexico and other delegates from the UN urged Canada to think clearly about the strictness of regulations due to the fact they will in return affect the lives of those in their countries. The task force was given plenty of international help and guidance from other areas that have already tackled Cannabis as a legal product. Sadly, the act is void of any compassion or even the natural irregularities and habits of cannabis.  Once again it needs to be stated STRICTLY CONTROL AND REGULATE is the goal of The Cannabis Act.

Changing the criminal code regarding cannabis is essential. A long overdue overhaul of regulation, in regards to naturally occuring substances used for recreation or healing, is required. However, growing a plant will only be deemed acceptable if you are using the soon to be enforced regime with new changes, fines and penalties. This restricts access and enjoyment of social activities. Dictating dosage and creating a double standard seems to be at the crux of this Act. Legal is not.


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Susan​ Sue​ is a black sheep with integrity and compassion, forging through the misinformation and hoping to inspire others to speak up and speak out.  A self educated healer in cannabis as medicine who has been inspired by patients to challenge the system and share knowledge.  Always up for an open discussion and thriving to gain new insight, living by the motto “Once you stop learning you’re dead.”


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