Infinity Blunt Review

Infinity Blunt Overview:

The Infinity Blunt is a fascinating product that allows you to load 1 – 2 grams of cannabis, gives large tokes and the smoke travels a twisted path cooling it. The twisted design also allows you to turn it to ash and expose more bud to keep the cherry burning.

Infinity Blunt 710 pipe twisty blunt glass gold


Accessing Infinity Blunt:

The best place to get Infinity Blunt is where you can order them directly. Infinity Blunts is looking at getting into headshops, as dispensaries are still targeted heavily by Toronto Police. If you would like to carry Infinity Blunts or purchase one for yourself, email [email protected] and follow on Instagram: @InfinityBlunt.

Infinity Blunt 710 pipe twisty blunt glass gold


Infinity Blunt Pricing & Selection:

Infinity Blunt comes in two different sets. The “Infinity Blunt Starter Pack” comes with a complete Infinity Blunt, an extra 2mm thick German-engineered SCHOTT’s glass tube, 4 rubber end caps, and 2 cleaning brushes. One for the glass tube and one for the mouth piece to ensure easy cleaning every time. The “Infinity Blunt with Detachable Mouthpiece” comes with everything the “Infinity Blunt Starter Pack” comes with, except this mouthpiece opens up to hold a cotton filter and comes with 4 addition filters. These can be used to clean the smoke you are inhaling and/or add terpenes to the cotton filter to flavour your smoking experience. All included this product retails for roughly $55.

Infinity Blunt 710 pipe twisty blunt glass gold


Unique to Infinity Blunt:

Infinity Blunt is a product that was created by a Toronto individual who had seen products like it, but saw some improvement they wanted to make. They started to research how they could make these changes and realized they had a potential business on their hands. Infinity Blunt sources all the products and packages it by hand, putting custom labels on each box. Being a small company, they should be able to correctly answer your questions or any concerns you may have about the product.

Infinity Blunt 710 pipe twisty blunt glass gold

The Infinity Blunt is uniquely design so you can easily ash on the go as well as the glass tube helps it stay lit. The spiral down the center forces the smoke to spin around rather than going straight into your lungs, this allows the smoke to cool longer, making for a more pleasant experience.

Infinity Blunt 710 pipe twisty blunt glass gold


Quality & Feel of Infinity Blunt:

The product feels very sturdy, leaving no concern in your mind of it potentially breaking in your hand. I would still be very carful about dropping this product, but luckily it comes with a replacement glass tube. This can also be used to preload a tube if you are out and about.

Infinity Blunt 710 pipe twisty blunt glass gold


Using the Infinity Blunt:

Using the Infinity Blunt there is a bit of a learning curve to figuring out the best way to pack it and how much the ash/bud should extend out of the glass tube to keep it lit. When originally packing it, I tried to get ride of all of the air holes in the Infinity Blunt, which I learnt isn’t needed. Having some air between the bud and the twisted portion is fine; as you twist to ash the blunt, the bud will be compressed getting it ready to smoke. As for the amount to have it extended, I originally had only the ash sticking out. This would cause the Infinity Blunt to go out if it wasn’t being puffed from lack of oxygen. As I experimented, it’s better to have some of the cannabis extending to ensure it stays lit.

Infinity Blunt 710 pipe twisty blunt glass gold

Overall I really enjoyed my experience with the Infinity Blunt. It was a classy way to consume my medicine that ensured I got strong effects. The product was also easy to clean, ensuring great flavour each time. I would recommend this product to someone who is a regular cannabis consumer and needs a product they can easily use on the go.



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