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Jordan Plunkett of Veritas Delves Deeply Into Five Questions

Jordan Plunkett of Veritas Delves Deeply Into Five Questions

This morning, like most mornings since I returned from Denver about a month ago, I’ve treated myself to a pipe or two of some of the lovely herbs that fell into my lap during my last trip to speak at the Cannabis Marketing Summit. Not that I’m advocating anything remotely unsavory of this behavior, that’s up to you…. but in my hand, right now is a 1/8th of Veritas Fine Medical Cannabis Sunset Drive, which is a cross between Sunday Driver and Sunset Sherbet- some of my favorite strains. Why? Because they are exhilarating to smoke, offering gobs of garlic scape napped with snipped spearmint, a touch of cilantro, and crushed minerals.

Smoking a small hit, I’m pleased to announce that I feel like cleaning the entire house. And doing all the laundry, then folding it all. This is really brain stimulating and active cannabis that takes my eye pressure down to an acceptable place, without any aspirin! And the label reads Indica. I don’t feel sleepy in any way, but my brain is calm, and my body is relaxed.

The handsome label goes on to state the specific terpene profile: Linalool, B-Caryophyllene, and B-Pinene. I’m impressed, as knowledge is definitely power in regard to cannabis marketing and effective packaging. At the bottom of the dark-colored jar- to keep light out, no doubt- it reads Alleviate. I love that word because it fits my ethos of healing. We cannot say that cannabis cures anything, but we can say it alleviates your ills. “Here’s to what ails ye” is how I sign my books, alleviating ills, one puff at a time?  Similar…Very similar.

Anyhow, you can see what this lovely strain has done to my writing- it’s freed my words. Veritas Cannabis, especially this variety, is just gorgeous.

I need to taste through their line!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Veritas Fine Cannabis

Warren Bobrow: Please tell me about yourself? What do you do?  Please tell me about your company?

Jordan Plunkett: My name is Jordan Plunkett, and I’m the Director of Marketing at Veritas Fine Cannabis, a craft cultivation brand, and product innovator. As a Colorado native, it has been incredibly interesting to see the evolution of this amazing state, and I’m very thankful to have found a job I love here at home. I’m a 2018 graduate of Arizona State University, where I earned a degree in Business & Analytics with a minor in Sales & Marketing. Prior to joining Veritas, I worked in the hospitality and business consulting sectors, supporting several startups and other projects.

At Veritas, I’m responsible for keeping this marketing train on track while pushing our team full steam ahead. My day-to-day is always different as my project focus shifts depending on what critical item we have at the moment. I am constantly identifying new ways to expand the brand and develop new product concepts—we aim to pave the way for this industry. Regardless of what we have going on, we like to maintain a very fast-paced, efficient, and creative environment.

With the title of “Colorado’s Original Craft Cannabis,” Veritas stays true to its roots and has never lost sight of the main objectives: quality and consistency. We have a genetic library of over 150 rotating strains, all produced in small batches with high attention to detail. At Veritas, we’ve always believed in producing the highest quality, small-batch flower for both the new cannabis consumer and the experienced connoisseur. From the plants in the ground to the final packaging, we want to enhance the consumer experience. We provide opportunities for consumers to learn more about how things are done at Veritas and the strains they enjoy. Veritas is making it easy to access the main terpene profiles and potency test results, along with other information such as growing styles and ingredients.

Photo Credit: Warren Bobrow-Leica Q2

WB: What are your six and 12-month goals?  What obstacles do you face?  How do you anticipate removing those obstacles? 

Jordan Plunkett: In the next six to 12 months, my goal is to continue to support the team as a whole as we expand to new states and continue to elevate the Veritas brand. In such a restricted market, it’s crucial to think differently and get creative to develop new strategies and grow organically. The more we can spark conversation in the market and boost the narrative of what we are doing, the more organic outreach we see.

Instagram and Facebook are not fond of the cannabis industry and make it very challenging to share important information or announcements with our customers. Due to this, we have focused our efforts on the Veritas website since we have more freedom there while looking at an alternative online approach. We intend to build our website in such a way that visitors can interact and engage with us at an even closer level than they could with social media. Consumers will be able to access our entire database of cannabis information, from our growing process to our strain lists and where our strains can be found in up-to-date time.

WB: Do you have a mentor? If so, who taught you your craft? How did you get into the cannabis biz? Tell me about your first experience with cannabis? 

Jordan Plunkett: I met Jon Spadafora, who is President of Veritas, while I was still in college. He told me about an internship opportunity with his marketing and consulting company, Element Hospitality. As a college student looking to jumpstart my career, this was a chance I couldn’t pass up—I even had the opportunity to sample delicious food and craft drinks from award-winning chefs and mixologists. During my next couple of summers, I would come back to Denver and work on various projects for Jon until I was eventually offered a full-time position on the team as a Marketing Coordinator.

He has always shown me that business can still be fun and taught me how to think outside the box and push the boundaries of what exists. I believe the majority of our success comes from the ability to think differently than anyone else. No idea is too large, and it’s been gratifying being able to work in an environment where your ideas are heard, even when they sound crazy or impossible—we believe there’s always a way.

I was first introduced to the legal world of cannabis in my early 20s and took a step back from the hospitality world to dive into the emerging industry. To be honest, I never really touched cannabis growing up until my college years. Even then, I didn’t participate that often and my stoner friends always got so excited when I occasionally decided to join them.

When I walked into my first legal grow operation, I was immediately greeted with an incredible smell, and my jaw hit the floor. Blown away by how insanely large these plants were, I became fascinated by the cultivation process and the amount of science that went into this incredible plant. To this day, I’m constantly learning something new and thinking of new ways to apply my creative process.

Photo Credit: Warren Bobrow-Leica Q2

WB: What is your favorite kind of food? Favorite restaurant? Do you cook?  What do you like to eat for breakfast?  

Jordan Plunkett: Food is a topic I can talk about endlessly—if I know one thing in this world, it’s food. It has been a huge part of my life growing up since it gave my family an excuse to be together and collaborate on a task at hand, with a pretty delicious reward. I was lucky enough to experience food from a variety of cultures ranging from Mexican to Jewish. My absolute favorite food of all time is tamales smothered in pork green chili—this meal is a family staple during the holidays.

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Cooking is my favorite hobby; my mom taught me how to cook at a young age, and I took off from there. Most kids watched cartoons, but I was stuck to the Food Network or any other cooking channel that caught my eye. Breakfast is probably my favorite meal of the day because there are endless possibilities with a variety of dishes to make. Want to add hash browns topped with a chocolate chip pancake, covered in bacon pieces, and smothered in maple syrup with a side of eggs? Do it! For special occasions, my go-to morning meal has to be the simple breakfast burrito (preferably with green chili inside or smothered) or eggs, potatoes, and a tortilla—can’t forget the OJ.

WB: What is your passion?

Jordan Plunkett: I have always looked at things differently than everyone else. My passion is creation—whether I’m at work, thinking of innovative and revolutionary ways to do things that already exist or don’t exist, in the kitchen experimenting with new ingredients, or behind the bar mixing up a new cocktail.

In school, this inner drive to create made it hard to focus because I had no interest in learning about specific ways to accomplish a given task, just to end up with a result that already exists. Once I got to college, I was able to practice things that I was more interested in. But it was also so new that it felt overwhelming. I forced myself to become comfortable with the uncomfortable and became passionate about the art and culture surrounding us and bringing it all together to make deeper connections. This is why I love the cannabis industry: It has brought people from all walks of life together to enjoy something they all can relate to.

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Feature Photo Credit: Warren Bobrow-Leica Q2