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Recently. Tracy Lamourie sat down with Reverend Kelly Addison, of KGL Church and Kelly’s Green Lounge for a heart to heart where Kelly shared what cannabis has meant in her life, how it helps her deal with Complex-PTSD, and how she feels that the spirit of the plant has led her to her true calling – ministering to people. Read on for a peek into this fascinating conversation :

TRACY: You have developed quite a reputation both in the cannabis community and in your local community, which I know is a tiny village with a population of less than 2000 people. You are doing things people aren’t doing anywhere else – all the way up to now you can marry and bury people… Can you tell us a little bit about Kelly’s Green Lounge?

KELLY : It’s amazing how it has taken on a life of it’s own!

TRACY : What gave you the idea, because now Kelly’s does everything. How did it start?

KELLY :, It all started with me just wanting to get the word out about cannabis around legalization I took courses and changed my career. What gave me the idea? Cannabis! I’d already had two different careers – the music industry, child care and teaching for ten years each – I took all of those things and wrapped them into what I am doing. I didn’t realize when I was using cannabis recreationally that I was also getting the therapeutic benefits from it but when I started to recognize that, that is when cannabis changed me, because I was able to consume cannabis for healing and then finding the way and my path through that. Anytime I have a new idea, I consume cannabis and I meditate on how to manifest. Every step I have taken started with a tiny idea and now we have a church and a school and a lounge and a brand of cannabis in comedy and recreational nights and a clinic that were doing. I consume cannabis and I manifest … Literally!

TRACY : You chose to create this groundbreaking cannabis space in your tiny home town – 1200 people, and right there on Main Street in Orono it is really a family. You have done everything from programming to support people dealing with other addictions to spearheading a little community peaceful event in solidarity with Black Lives Matter where we met 13 year old singer songwriter Bolu with her incredible song Make It Right, you have gathered a true community. I know you said it feels like a female space, but also there are a lot of men involved, right?

KELLY : Oh, certainly! I probably have more male educator right now than female – and am currently working on a HUGE project called “The men of Cannabis Calendar” it’s going to be massive. But when I talk about my religion, my cannabis religion, I pray to Goddess, so I do have that female energy that I pray to, and the plant itself is female…

TRACY:Can you speak about your personal journey with cannabis and how it helps you?

KELLY : I was always the person that was bringing pot brownies to the party, so everyone was coming up to me around legalization with all of these questions so I went back to school so I could give real answers! . I hoped it would help my mom who had suffered from a few strokes, and had diabetes and crohns. She is not very well – so I thought that if I could learn about cannabis and get a legitimate job in cannabis as an educator that maybe she would be more open to hearing about it. She still isn’t – which is unfortunate, but if I can’t help my mom than I can help others. While I was going through all this and doing the education, and learning from all these cannabis educators and movers and shakers, I realized – hey, I’m using it therapeutically too, I’m using it for medicinal purposes as well and not recognising that. I had thought it was just for anxiety – it’s not. A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with complex PTSD,- where there has been more than one trauma. Unfortunately in my case it has been trauma after trauma after trauma after trauma. So the way my brain works is that it locks a lot of things out, so I don’t remember most of my life. I can’t remember my childhood, there are things in my adult years and in my teenage years that I can remember but that my brain wants to put away. It’s called disassociation, I live in fight or flight all the time. It’s something I understand, something I am actually able to use, because when you are in fight or flight you just go go go -so you can get through a divorce,or a pandemic or whatever it is and you just keep going, because – on to the next one, and there is nothing you can throw at me that I haven’t already been through. I only consume cannabis at night because I use that fight or flight to live off of and to work through – but if I did not consume cannabis at night time, I would be very sick – I probably would have been prescribed medicine, because if you think of it that your cortisone level is up, so what I do at night is I use cannabis to bring my nervous system down, to calm my nervous system so that I am able to sleep, so that I am able to rest my body and my mind.

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TRACY LAMOURIE : Can you tell us more about the church.

KELLY : It’s called the Cannabis Church of KGL. And if you had told Past Kelly that I would be a minister, Past Kelly would have said WHAT? No way!! But I am now, I am an ordained Minister, I am actually Reverend Kelly And because I am a reiki healer, I am able to transfer energy from people so not only are they being wedded in cannabis but I can actually put my hands on one participant and I can actually transfer their energy to each other. So we can do anything in our church, and we do our sermons on Sundays and the plan is to eventually have a real church that people can come to that I can speak to, in larger groups.

TRACY : As a final note, can you share the biggest impact cannabis has had on your life?

KELLY ADDISON: I have final note for cannabis and that is; too often we see lines drawn in the sand in cannabis; legal, legacy, medical, grow your own… I don’t care where you get it as long as it is safe. Our mission is to make sure that everyone can access cannabis the best way possible for them.

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