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Lady Buds: Finding Balance and Sustainability by Moving Forward

Lady Buds: Finding Balance and Sustainability by Moving Forward

Lady Buds documentary follows the trials and tribulations of the female-run cannabis community against extremely well-funded, big cannabis operators.

The competition is well-funded, aggressive and anti-small grower. The plant is well on the way towards losing its soul due to corporate over farming.

Cannabis has a soul. It is a healing plant that responds to human behavior in ways that stigmas cannot tear down.

The corporate approach to cannabis, although well-intentioned is flawed by metrics.

Our plant requires care and love. There must be passion for the plant and the healing that she contains. Corporate cannabis does not possess these traits, nor is corporate weed exemplified by this documentary.

Facing a never-ending battle of corporate interests over craft farming, their road is not paved with gold. It is woven with blood, grit, tears and the struggle for “legality” over their formerly illegal growth cycles. Pre-Prop 64 California will never be the same again.

Each of the participants in this well-crafted film has a acutely personal story to tell, of their struggles against controversy which has been created by Big Weed and Big Weed influence.

Lady Buds: Finding Balance and Sustainability by Moving Forward
As a second generation cannabis farmer, Chiah Rodriques co-founded a Mendocino County farm alliance that fights to maintain stability for her community and the values she grew up with. With the price of weed dropping, and while taking a leap of faith into the unknown, Chiah must find balance between farming, working multiple jobs and parenting her two sons amidst the harsh financial pressures of legalization. Courtesy: Lady Buds

The legacy farmer is all but doomed by corporate weed in the post Prop. 64 California society. 

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Filmed and edited in a deeply personal style, Lady Buds takes a profoundly subjective approach to the celebrated art of cinema verité, which is documentary filmmaking. Following these passionate women through their own challenges in cannabis, against the strict laws of the land brings hope.

This is an incredibly poignant film that goes well beyond the cable television version of the weed business. Drawing from the well of healing with the plant over profit, Lady Buds sets a clear path going forward.

Five Stars out of Five!