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Lem Dog Strain Review by Micah Rubinstien

Lem Dog Strain Review by Micah Rubinstien

Lem Dog

Lem O.G. x Chemdawg



OGenius Seeds


6-8 feet

Weight / Yield

Huge 8 lbs

Time until harvest

60 days

Sativa/Indica ratio


About 200 words on lineage , how grows, what it looks like, why you like it?

Lem Dog is a hybrid of my two favorite strains. Chemdawg from the Dead lot and the Lem OG The first new offering from OGenius in years, Lem Dog delivers serious jet fuel terpenes and an overwhelming skunk profile. This strain grows big and tall and is neon green in color. She smells like a skunk fell in a bucket full of lemonade and tastes so good you can’t wait to stuff another bowlpack into your Snoddy and remember the sacred days of the Dead Lot. Back in the day when bud as kind not just because it was unsprayed and you were young; with more tastebuds and more brain cells but because it was not schwag – it was “The Kind”. Lem O.G. brings a brightness to this lady that is unmatched, which keeps the Chemdawg side of the cross from oxidizing; resulting in the neon citrus chunder we so lovingly call Lemdog : available only at Compassionate Heart.

Taste burn and unburned

Citrus jet fuel

Burned = burnt sugar + lemons


Lemon gas mint windex

What dried/crumbled look like


See Also

Crumbled = fairy dust gleaming with chi


Instant upbeat indica leads into a strong high


2-3 hours

Quality / Type High

Gives you dry mouth and redeye Makes you feel like you are in high school and you can’t stop laughing or you’ re in a supermarket tripping and the overhead lights are humming.

Medicinal Qualities

Good for sleeping and appetite. Drops blood sugar.

Instagram: @mendo_weslo