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Letters to Rev – End Times Woes

Letters to Rev – End Times Woes

No End Time Woes Here

Welcome everyone, to my “letters” to Rev series. End Times Woes will be the theme today, which is simply problems peeps encounter at the end of the cannabis growing process. Like during harvest, for example. Read on I think you’ll enjoy the read, and it might even enlighten you ????

I wanted to include an email I was forwarded (below) the other day regarding TLO. I think it speaks for itself, and I get many of these kinds of correspondences. Let my supernatural TLO growing style blow your mind too good peeps. Check it out: TLO 2nd Edition by The Rev.  

Thanks for the TLO

Alright then earthlings, let’s rock and/or roll with today’s “Letters” to Rev…

End Times Woes Question #1: Harvest Timing?

FROM: James B., South Lake Tahoe, CA

“I have a really small personal garden in a 3-foot x 3-foot grow tent under a 250-watt HID light. Growing just a single strain from a clone I got 5 years ago. I have always had this problem a little bit, but in the last year it has become extreme. My plants ripen very unevenly, like I said they always did this but I’m guessing since the clones are so old now, it will just get worse and worse. They ripen from the top down and outside in. Like all the main buds on the top half of the plant ripen while around 30% of the buds will be at least a week or 10 days behind looking.

I tried harvesting just the ripe buds and letting the rest go another 10-14 days and the plant exploded with hermaphrodites. Is there something I am missing here Rev? Can you help? Thank you very much.”

Harvesting Twice is a Great Move as Long as Your Plants are Hearty and Sexually Healthy
Harvesting Twice is a Great Move as Long as Your Plants are Hearty and Sexually Healthy
Rev’s Answer to Q1:

High James. Okay, several things come to mind here amigo. First of all, the uneven ripening getting extreme over the last year is likely due to your light’s overall lumens lowering slowly over time. There are strains that have distinct patterns they will ripen in. Inside-out, top-down, bottom-up, and outside-in, are examples I have seen outdoors in the sunshine, and are genetic, often related to morphology. As in, what parts naturally shade other parts.

Indoors, it is normally related to light exposure intensity. As in, the buds that get the most light-intensity ripen the fastest. Pruning and/or spreading can help with this a lot. Maybe even growing shorter plants will work for you. A 250-watt light is pretty weak for the tent size you have, but it will work fine for harvesting topped plants, with limited axial/mains (say 4), at about 2-foot maximum height. 4 plants max.

If your bulb is more than 2 years old, I would replace it. Also think about upping your wattage to a 400-watt light. More heat and amperage must be considered here as well. Alternately, for that tent size there are some really killer LED 300-watt, full spectrum quantum board lights out there, like the HLG 300 LEDs at 4,000 kelvins, full spectrum that I use myself during the hot summer months. I too love using 3-foot x 3-foot (Gorilla) tents to flower in. Your harvests will be MUCH better using a somewhat bigger light, like easily doubled. Cheers, and I hope this helps.

End Times Woes Question #2: Buds Too Dry?

FROM: Zeke Z., AZ, USA

“I am dialing in my drying process, and getting really close to perfection. Recently I erred on the side of caution because I was ill at the time, and my buds were too dry. Crumbly dry, ack! I carefully put them into jars. Is there anything I can do about this rev? Without screwing up their wonderful smells and flavors? Help Mr. Wizard! Thank you in advance.”

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I Often Mummify Dry My Buds for Longer Term Storage Then Rehydrate at a Later Date
I Often Mummify Dry My Buds for Longer Term Storage Then Rehydrate at a Later Date
Rev’s Answer to Q2:

Okay Zeke, I do believe I can help you here, homeskillet. Ya lucked out, I do this fairly often. I “mummify” my buds sometimes, when I know I will be harvesting a lot of them. For longer term storage reasons. Then I rehydrate them at a later date. This is super easy; the number one rule is—DO NOT GET THEM TOO WET! Better to make an error on the side of caution. You can always redo this if needed.

If your overnight humidity in your home is around 55% – 65% you are pretty golden. Make sure they are in some airflow. Don’t aim a fan right at them, but near them. Open the jars and leave them open overnight. Mine are always perfect in the morning. Actually, taking about 12 hours.

You can always generate some humidity with a cool-water vaporizer. But start it out on the lowest setting. Check every few hours. I would run distilled water in the vaporizer, myself ???? and keep an eye on the relative humidity. The buds turn out awesome! Just spongy enough, like perfectly. All the strong smells and flavors come booming back into existence. I store buds (well) this way for years sometimes, like 3! A cryo-harvest, or mummy-buds, LoL: seriously though, a pro long-term storage move.

Rev’s Tips to Avoid End Times Woes of Your Own
  • Lumens decay slowly over time with grow lights. It’s a problem, that doesn’t tend to get your attention, because it happens so gradually. Good to set up records/reminders about such things, so you know when to replace bulbs. You know the story about the slow boiling frog, right? Heh heh ???? same thing goes for water filters.
  • Some plants will express hermaphrodites if severely pruned during flowering. It’s all about the plants natural ability (genetically) to “deal with” stress factors, as a matter of degree rather than in black and white terms. Severe pruning is more than 30% of the plants total mass removed. Harvesting twice is a good option for many strains/varieties to make sure all the buds are perfectly ripened before harvest.
  • Using things like fresh green cannabis leaves/blades, or apple peel pieces to rehydrate cannabis that is too dry is problematic, here and there, in my experience. I think it may be the nitrogen present in these things, I’m not certain, but they tend to skew the terpenes hard, and I have even seen anaerobic mold set in on a few occasions. Pretty much ruining the whole trimmed up harvest. Bummer.


Well, my friends, time for me to mosey on down the road for now. I hope you liked today’s article. If you would like to read another article from me just hit the link baybee: Water Filtration for Container Growing – Skunk Magazine. Grab some cool exotic seeds over at KOS while you’re at it. I’ll be back next Tuesday with another article,  so no end times woes about the end! see ya back here then. Happy harvesting! L8r G8rs…

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