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Letters to Rev – General Cannabis Growing

Letters to Rev – General Cannabis Growing

General Cannabis Growing

Welcome to today’s article regarding general cannabis growing stuffs. A water related Q, a temperature and humidity Q, and a breeding Q. I hope you find this informative, glad you decided to stop by.

Alright then earthlings, let’s rock and/or roll with today’s “Letters” to Rev…

General Cannabis Growing Question #1: Watering Routine?

FROM: Molly, La Jolla, CA

“Hi Rev! Hey, could you do me a big favor please? Just run down in simple steps how you manage your plant water. I am having some problems running steady PPM and pH. Thank you!”

Rev’s Answer to Q1
This is My Eternal Tea Bubbler I Call the Churn and I Care Not About pH or PPM Here
This is My Eternal Tea Bubbler I Call the Churn and I Care Not About pH or PPM Here

Sure, Molly I’m happy to help. I have partied hundreds of times around La Jolla Shores and the Cove. Step ONE is ‘The Churn’ as seen in the above photo. Think of this as a “perpetual living tea” that needs to bubble for at least 24 hours before using, but I normally run mine for a whole grow or longer. Your PPM runs high in this container—but you don’t have to care how high the PPM is, or even about the pH, because this isn’t the water you use on your plants, not at this concentrated level at any rate.

With The Churn, it is important you are consistent with your additions. For example, to my 1-gallon Churn I add 2 oz. of fish tank water and 2 oz. of worm farm leachate, 1/8th teaspoon of dolomite lime, and about 3 or 4 granules of Epsom Salts. If you don’t have a fish tank or a worm farm, no worries, use some alfalfa meal, and some dried fish meal, and a little bat/bird guano along with the dolomite lime and Epsom Salts. There are millions of good combos here, just use the same additions at the same ratios in The Churn for the entire grow. The microbial life in symbiosis with the plant will adapt.

I Add the Churn Water to the 5-Gallon Bucket of Groundwater Until it Reaches 60-65 PPM
I Add the Churn Water to the 5-Gallon Bucket of Groundwater Until it Reaches 60-65 PPM
The Process

The dolomite lime auto-buffers your pH towards 7.0 pH, and my Churn normally runs about 7.5 pH. I combine my dechlorinated groundwater (50 PPM in a 5-gallon bubbling bucket) with a little Churn water until my 5-gallon bucket water hits 60 to 65 PPM. I let that bubble for about an hour and then use it. Normally my end result plant water runs at 7.2ish pH and 60-64 PPM. The 5-gallon bucket is also on perpetual cycle, and I always leave just a bit in the bottom before refilling.

General Cannabis Growing Question #2: Hot and Humid Woes?

FROM: J. S., Coquille, OR

“I hope you can guide me here Rev. I used your advice heating my indoor garden slightly at night to combat high humidity in the cold wintertime. It worked just like you said, thank you. Where I live it is particularly humid all the time and very rarely is it low. In the summer months I run super-hot, and still humidity gets too high, especially some nights, while the temps are also very hot, and I can’t use heaters at night without getting big stretching and uber high temps. Even a dehumidifier causes too much additional heat in the garden on many summer nights. What’s my move here Rev? Gratitude.”

Rev’s Answer to Q2

Howdy, I get your boggle here fully. For reference here, 10 flowering plants about 3’ tall, can add 20%+ humidity to a 20’x20’ room no problem. That is a big factor of course here adding to your already high humidity. I noticed you never mentioned venting to me. Making sure you are sucking out enough of that garden humid laden air is critical, you may want to upgrade your air exchange. Your regular air movement inside the garden matters more than you may think here as well. I would make sure there are enough fans to keep the garden air moving around well at all times.

A portable A/C unit can work well here also. The downsides are they use a lot of wattage and amps. Just make sure and never aim the cool air anywhere near directly at any plants. When I have used this option in the past, I always aim the cool air output aiming up at the ceiling. A/C units also dehumidify.

Selection Skills Matter Huge When It Comes to Epic Recombinations
Selection Skills Matter Huge When It Comes to Epic Recombinations

General Cannabis Growing Question #3: Early Selection Secrets?

FROM: Bug, Jacumba Valley, CA

“I read an article by you a long time ago where you shared one of your breeding selection secrets regarding leaf hairs. That was so spot on man, I was just wondering if you might want to drop another random gem on me? I am struggling with my selection skills, and due to space restrictions the earlier I can thin the herd the better. Thank you so much for what you do and Happy New Year!”

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Rev’s Answer to Q3

Happy New Year back at ya Bug. Ummm, a secret huh? Heh heh, okay, how about I give you a tip that is not common wisdom, yeah? Alright, one of the very important things to notice during the plant’s early growth (2 to 3 weeks old) is the water usage compared to the others. You can observe this fairly easily by simply measuring your water input, and see who runs out of water first and, how much faster.

I have never seen a truly epic selection that wasn’t also a severe water consumer. So, that’s a biggie for males or females. Beware of environmental influences as variables affecting your results. Things like plants closer to vents or fans, heat sources etc., can dry out faster due to those factors. The more data you can collect observing your plants, the better you can collate that information as it relates to better selections. Many cannabis expressions are variety/strain dependent, while others, like the water tip, relate to selection using all varieties of cannabis—the whole cannabis genome if you will.

General Cannabis Growing Knowledge O-Plenty from the Past
General Cannabis Growing Knowledge O-Plenty from the Past

A bit more detail regarding my “perpetual” 1-gallon Churn, and my 5-gallon plant water containers. What I do is use them either about halfway down, and just refill with dechlorinated groundwater, or I at least leave about 1/5th of the solution (the Churn and the 5-gallon) leftover and just build the new ones from there. This keeps my Microlife in those containers living and evolving/adapting to do even better jobs. Always keep a gallon of distilled water handy in case you run your PPM a little too high. Distilled water takes down PPM levels FAST!

I am almost done with the largest chapter in the new book, whew! Everything else is a cake walk compared LoL. Trying for the end of February to finish the manuscript. Grab a copy of my latest published book, True Living Organics 2nd Edition by The Rev and bone up on your all-natural growing skills. If you are looking for some healthy, hearty, kickass cannabis beans drop by Kingdom Organic Seeds and have a look around. Here’s another cool article by yours truly if you would like to peruse it: More Great Cannabis Growing Tools – Skunk Magazine.

I hope you liked today’s general cannabis growing questions and answers. I’m outty for now but I’ll be back next Tuesday with another article here at SKUNK! L8r G8rs…

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