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Letters to Rev – The Curious

Letters to Rev – The Curious

Howdy one and all; I’m The Rev and I been around the cannabis growing and smoking genre for just shy of a half century now—yikes—and so I have seen and done a lot of things in those years. In my “Letters” to Rev series, I like to tackle some of the more interesting questions I get emailed and texted, and then answer them. I have heard from many of you how much you dig this series, thanks for sharing with me, my very green amigos ????

We Luvs Exotic Buds

Today’s article is themed “The Curious” because all of the questions are from curious peeps asking questions, I find particularly curious—heh heh—and I think you may just find them curious yourselves. If you have a question you want to send me it’s easy, just email me at: [email protected] or [email protected] …and that’s it. I try and read all my emails and answer them, but sometimes it gets a tad overwhelming, so forgive me if I miss a few now and then.  



FROM: km6923, USA

Hey what’s happening Rev. It’s been a minute but I was wondering why the difference in the decarboxylation time and the change of effect. Can you explain its correlations? I would love some daytime candies. Thank you for your time and assistance.”

Rev Style Hash Chocolates

Okay, first a bit of context for all of you reading this. Previously I had told this peep about lessening the total decarboxylation time from the commonly accepted best time and temp of: 240 degrees F. for 60 minutes, for just some of his screened hash he was decarboxylating to make edibles with—my hash chocolate recipe in this case—taking some of the hash out at the 45 minute mark to make some special chocolates with.

When you decarboxylate (decarb) the screened hash for 60 minutes at 240 degrees, it really becomes a serious hammer of a high. Many people like this ride, and even I do, sometimes. However, I found that by shortening the cooking (decarbing) for some of the screened hash to 45 minutes and making a select number of special-chocolates with, it really changes the high-type of those special ones, quite a bit; while they still retain major potency. It is less sleepy and knock-out style, and I even find myself wanting to do things rather than relaxing often. Mess around with the times yourself and see, it’s not unlike choosing when to harvest your buds, at what maturity stage, and the correlation of the type of high that goes with it.



“Hello Rev,

I am trying the new spike in my flower pots. I just put the Dark Dragon and Cherry Malawi into flower, very excited! I started in small seedling pot, then put them into 3/4-gal nursery pots I was trying to keep the flowering pots smaller and still be able to use spikes. Unfortunately, in a short time they became root bound and we needed to water daily. they still showed no sign of their sex so we decided to put them in 1gal pots for a short time. Two weeks later I found something I have never seen before a root system that does not look natural (at least that I’ve seen in soil) my question to you is this typical of TLO seed in 2.2 soil? Man, I really hope this is normal haha.

Thanks, Rick.”

Rick’s Roots Bottom View
Rick’s Roots Side View

LoL, well Rick, they certainly wanted a transplant, but those are awesome roots there’s no worries. You have a large ratio of “water roots” there, the larger diameter type because they were water crazy in those small pots. Those fatty roots are the water guzzlers; and confined to the smaller containers the plant prioritized water guzzling. But make no mistake those are rocking roots! TLO growth is supernatural, above and below ground.

Clone Cutting Timing

FROM: Michael, USA

“Thank you for your response. I recently purchased Darkling Sativa, Coma Cluster, and Cindy 99. I see you recommend running them for 55 days, and 70 days for Darkling Sativa before initiating flowering; also, using clones for indoors. At what time would you recommend taking cuttings for the clones? 


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Hey hey Michael. I normally take my clones only during a transplant (moments before transplanting in fact). Since you have better rooting success with lower axial branches, and trimming lower branches helps with the air circulation underneath the plant, it makes sense.

KOS Coma Cluster Baybee
KOS Darkling Sativa Buds

With the Darkling Sativa I would only flower clones of her in containers, as they do much better; she can get unruly if she’s super happy as a seedling plant in a container. Coma Cluster is a dream to grow, I really love this variety myself even though she is fairly devastating heh heh. Huge yields from Coma Cluster if she’s happy; the flowers just sparkle like their sugar coated.



LINK to Hash Chocolates Recipe:


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