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Letters to Rev – The Rev’s Personals

Letters to Rev – The Rev’s Personals

A Rev Personal Favorite Hashish – Blue Rhino 1947

A special “Letters” to Rev article today, featuring the rev’s personals. My favorites regarding several cannabis related things. In the photo above you can see one of my very favorite things, giant balls of hashish! This hashish is made from Blue Rhino 1947, a primo hash makers’ choice. What a ride.

Alright then my esteemed homeskillets, let’s roll with today’s “Letters” to Rev…

The Rev’s Personals Question #1: Go Big or… Not

FROM: XMarco, Del Mar, CA

“Hey there Rev. I was getting blasted on some White Widow today reading one of your articles. I found myself wondering why you aren’t like a boss grower doing some big ol’ grow op in our new legal cannabis environment? Maybe you are and it’s on the downlow, but if not, just curious is all. Thanks for all you do. You have helped out many a grower, including me, enormously.”

My Answer to Q1:

My Personal Garden Flowers 8 Plants Max in Two 3x3 Gorilla—my fav—Tents
My Personal Garden Flowers 8 Plants Max in Two 3×3 Gorilla—my fav—Tents. Seeded Up Bud in Photo.

Howdy, XMarco, greetings mi amigo. The first part of my answer is, I have kind of been there, and done that; decades ago. I don’t have my hands in any larger grows these days at all. Aside from helping out a couple from time to time, on more of a consultation basis. Also, if I were to grow larger scale, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be on the up & up with the rules. Not a big fan of big-company/corporate thinking in my weeds. Plus, I’m old dude, heh heh. I’m north of 60 these days, and less “wind in my sails” for the work larger grows demand.

All that being said. I think there’s a real long-term vison for smaller scale growers. Collectively they all represent much greater diversity, which is always a good thing. Just a few big “cogs” out there doing all the growing is far from my idea of a diverse array of cannabis to choose from. 18-week Central American Sativas, to 7-week Hashplants, and all the wonderful (myriad) of differences in resin properties in between.

The Rev’s Personal Garden Size…

My personal home-grow is licensed medically in my state. I run two bedrooms as my grow. One room has two 3×3 tents for flowering; and, I use the 4×2 closet to sprout in. The other room is all my mother/father clones, other clones, and seedling plants under T-5s. Another 3×3 tent in that room runs a 300-watt light for plants warming up to move into the flowering tents. Also, my aero-cloner operates in this room. I have a shed/small garage where I do all my recycling, soil storage, stacked worm farm, and bigger transplanting. Boom! That’s how I do, and it supplies me with plenty O herbs indeed.

The Rev’s Personals Question #2: Favorite Munchies Ever?

FROM: Smokey B., Fort Bragg, CA

“First off, thank you for TLO, it’s simply amazing. So, if you are smoking a bunch of very crazy cannabis, often, for decades, hash, oil, whatever you do to imbibe. What are your all-time favorite munchies when you are sampling those exotic strains? I love those cheap cherry pies like you get at gas stations. Hostess or some shit. Sad, I know, show me my next favorite Rev!”

Incredible Cookies for Baked Peeps and a Rev Personal Favorite
Incredible Cookies for Baked Peeps and a Rev Personal Favorite

My Answer to Q2:

Hahahahaha… Assuming we have similar tastes, and that’s a pretty big assumption, because I tend to like weird stuffs, heh heh. But that being said, for about the last 4 or 5 years I have had a huge favorite munchie. If you are a fan of the Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, this is going to blow your mind. In the photo above you can see the cookies I am talking about. You can get these at any Safeway store. Whenever I smoke something like Riffraff Thai, I often eat way too many of these cookies with a cold glass of milk. Yum!

I’m not a big candy guy, but if I do get some candy for bake-time munchies, it’s usually a classic, peanut butter cups, or Almond Joy. For ice cream tastes, I’m pretty boring, I love quality French Vanilla, or Vanilla Bean most of the time. But once a month or so I will get myself a Karamel Sutra from Ben & Jerry’s, if you love caramel, you’ll love this stuff! Healthier good stuffs I munch on a lot are things like celery and peanut butter, grapes, deviled eggs, and my most beloved nuts—LoL—Sweet Chili Pistachios! Cheers.

The Rev’s Personals Question #3: Your New Book Release?

FROM: Justin T., El Cajon, CA

“Greetings Rev! Many of us out here in the east county of San Diego use your book as our bible for our indoor and outdoor cannabis growing. Many of us are outdoor in containers, so your teachings are very targeted for us. Don’t worry we all paint our containers white like you suggest outdoors. Let me say that just that move alone made huge differences to so many people. Thanks Rev.

I keep hearing about your next book and I’m chomping at the bit to get my hands on it. When will it be available? Can you kind of give me a quick sneak peek maybe? Thanks man, I know you’re busy working on it. Peace out brother.”

My Answer to Q3:

The Rev AKA Mr Magoo – For Reals LoL
The Rev AKA Mr Magoo – For Reals LoL

Hey hey Justin. You’re right down there around my old stomping grounds, cheers. Always happy to hear about TLO growers doing things right and seeing why, heh heh. When you write a book, or at least when I do, I work from a huge outline. The outline takes forever to build and semi organize. At the time of this article’s publication, I am about 1/3rd of the way finished with the manuscript, being written off of that outline.

The new book, “The TLO Druids Guide”, is all pretty new, mostly in fact. I have solved some of my earlier pet peeves, including organizing the new book so it can be referenced for info fast. Make sure you have a copy of the 2nd Edition of TLO, because it has a ton of great info that I won’t re-cover in the new book. I’m very excited about it, and it can start you on the TLO path at any skill level—very user friendly this time. Thanks a bunch amigo ????

Now For Something Different

A Rev Favorite Brand-New Full-Term LED the 420h

I get a ton of correspondences asking me about lighting, specifically much more about LED lighting for cannabis. Using LED lights have big bennies, especially if you are in a warmer climate, because they run very cool compared to say, an HID bulb of the same wattage. Overall coverage of the intense lumens is spread out a bit, making for bigger yields per plant—AKA—Plants at the edges of the lighting footprint (especially in tents) get almost as much light as the plants nearer the center.

See Also

Nextlight Full Spectrum LED the 420h a 420-Watt Quantum Board LED at 4000 Kelvins
Nextlight Full Spectrum LED the 420h a 420-Watt Quantum Board LED at 4000 Kelvins

There I was shopping for my next LED lights, researching and asking growers I know, for about a month. On a recommendation from an excellent grower I know, I shot over to NextLight LED Grow Lights and started looking at the Core Pro lights. 230 watts, full spectrum, 4,000 kelvins. A real beauty I hear from a few fellas running them. Excellent for 3×3 grow tents. All their lights have a 5-year warranty and they have primo customer service.

After Talking to Jarrod over at NextLight – This Happened

They were so cool to not only offer me the lights I wanted for free, but they told me about these brand-new ones, shown in the photo above, the 420h LED lights. He told me this would be a perfect light for a 3×3 tent. After checking out the spectrum, he upgraded my “birthday presents” to be two of the 420h lights. He just asked me to share whatever I think about them, and I’m happy to do it. Nice lights! Definitely rates the rev’s personals thumbs up so far from me.

Lemme rundown the cool deets about the 420h lights. First of all, they are large, 25 inches square. Perfect fit inside my 3×3 Gorilla grow tents. When I first saw them, I was worried they might be too big. They also have a dimming feature. At first, I couldn’t understand the logic behind this feature of the 420h. Jarrod told me peeps sprout with the dimmer, and that didn’t make any sense to me. I always sprout my plants under the maximum light intensity I can manage. Then he mentioned hardening off plants, and there indeed, a great reason right there if you grow from clones. Truly a full-term light.

The 420h LED is Fairly Priced I Think and Really Delivers the Power
The 420h LED is Fairly Priced I Think and Really Delivers the Power
A True Full Term Lighting Answer to Your Indoor Gardens

If you keep clones under very weak lighting, like shop lights, putting them directly under intense lighting like the 420h can snuff them out fast; essentially frying them. The dimming feature comes in super handy here. Same goes for freshly rooted clones, you could put them right under these lights dimmed down to like ¼ power. Full-term baybee. They run very cool for their size and wattage, much-much cooler than 400-watt HID lights/bulbs.

My Plants Have Been Growing Crazy-Happy Under the 420h Lights
My Plants Have Been Growing Crazy-Happy Under the 420h Lights.

These lights are also protected from overspray, if you accidentally hit them with a little mist or whatever. These are definitely a rev favorite LED for full-term TLO, or any other growing style. They can chain together; they are light, and well made. The spectrum/light is white with all the colors of the rainbow. Just how we likes it. Even running at higher 80’s low 90’s temps these lights themselves stay only warm to the touch.

I wish they had more UV spectrum, but let’s give them a flowering run test and see. They do have some low-level UV, so that makes me feel pretty good, because it doesn’t take much UV to ripen resin to the sublime level. Just a tad.

Alrighty Then My Green Friends

Time to Kick Back and Smoke Some Killer Hash
Time to Kick Back and Smoke Some Killer Hash

Time for this guy to wander off for now, but I’ll be back next Tuesday right here at SKUNK baybee! In the meantime, feast your eyes upon some more rambling REvski here: Cool Cannabis Growing Tools – Skunk Magazine. Really cool growing tools I dig on.

And as always, start with solid cannabis genetics for a better growing experience overall. Visit Kingdom Organic Seeds – True Living Organically Grown for some real stunning cannabis varieties that are sexually healthy and highly exotic.

That 420h LED is truly the rev’s personal favorite LED ever, so far, in my tents, I’m not being a mouthpiece/shill here in any way. It really seems to me like the LED many of you have been looking for, including me—yay! I’ll do an update on these lights here up the road around flowering time and let ya know what I think. L8r G8rs…

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