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LIVE STREAM – California Cannabis Equity Coalition

LIVE STREAM – California Cannabis Equity Coalition

SACRAMENTO, CA – Join the California Cannabis Equity Alliance, a coalition of social equity leaders from regions across the state on Monday, May 17th, 2021, at 10:00 a.m., at the West Steps of the State Capitol, where we will lay out our vision for economic justice and fairness in California’s marijuana industry.

Currently, state funding for police enforcement against traditional cannabis operations ($126M) dwarfs funding that was allocated for Social Equity programs ($15.5M). Social equity programs are supposed to help Drug War survivors create legal businesses in the very costly and complex new cannabis industry, which largely favors wealthy investors. The alliance appreciates the Governor’s newly proposed “equity director,” but says that hiring a person with no funding, marching orders or authority to specifically address a multi-billion industry wealth transfer away from Drug War survivors – who are largely Black and Brown – is not acceptable.  The alliance says that a proposed $100M “California Comeback Plan” does absolutely nothing to bring parity between police enforcement and market entry support funding, and it does not enact policies that are intentional about creating equity in California’s cannabis industry.

Speakers at the event include ????????

➟ Kika Keith (@bigkika), president of the Social Equity Owners and Workers Association in L.A.
➟ @amenkree8z, Exec Director of California Urban Partnership/Institute for MORE in #Sacramento (@allupincali).
@Nina_Parks, Director of Equity Trade for @equitytradecertification / @equitysessions) in SF.
➟ Lanese Martin, director of @HoodIncubator in #Oakland.
➟ Cesar Casamayor of The People’s Dispensary (@thepeoples.cannabis) in Fresno.
➟ Amber Senter (@itsmeambere), director of @supernovawomen in Oakland



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