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in the picture was some seriously stank dank that was grown organically in the great outdoors. It had gained some slightly purple hues from the cool nights and was glazed with crystal and crumble dry. One puff (and two coughs) later it became clear that the day was going to consist of indulgence in a fat sack of this tasty, heavy-set smoke. One joint later, the smoking a fat sack idea was out the window, replaced by maybe a fat joint or two.

Outdoors it created short bushes with multiple tops. These buds were rounded and easy to trim with the shake making high-grade water hash. If you like hash, this is a great pick. More known for its indoor potential, one should expect dense buds on shorter plants there as well. When smoking, the smell is definitely present but not so powerful that a good carbon filter won’t cover it up. The smoke also mellows with age so curing this one a bit longer will make a big difference in the hack factor.



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Name: Kal-X
Nationality: T.H. Seeds
Height: 4-5’ outdoor
Weight: 300-350g/m2 indoor, up to 8 oz. outdoor
Age: 60 days indoor, Oct.5-15@ 45°N
Race: Indica

This article appears in Volume 1 – Issue 1 of SKUNK Magazine.

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