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Made In Xiaolin: Pure Cannagar Luxury

Made In Xiaolin: Pure Cannagar Luxury

From the very moment that the outer packaging, deeply reminiscent of luxury Chinese incense with lustrous gold leaf on the outside of the box. This cannagar brings your attention to the strikingly handsome red lettering, and then the box opens to reveal the polished glass inner tube.

From here an almost mystical experience fills the room and your head. The box, upon examination in cannabis, nerd-speak reads several very important statements about the contents and the provenance of the flowers held within. The first and foremost is the name of this ultra-luxury cannagar. That is quite simply, Made in Xiaolin. Turning the smooth paper packaging, in the shape of an octagon, and twisting it in a circle, reveals more pertinent information. Rolled Proper comes into view. This statement provides the quality framework for what rests within. The lettering states the name again, Made in Xiaolin.

What you have in your hand represents success and pure luxury.

Drilling down deeper into the process, more information reveals itself with every twist of your wrist. Ring Gauge, in this case, the cannagar resting in my hand is a #40, that’s a good-sized cannagar! Then, in block letters reads more information on the lit time, and in this case, at least three hours! *pro tip, use a cigar cutter to prevent waste*

Photo: Made in Xiaolin

The cannabis flower is equally as critical with their high-quality strains and instructions for lighting listed on the inner information sheet. This particular cannagar attains Electric Lemon G flower and Electric Lemon G: Live Resin in the judiciously selected mix of smokable mind-expanders.

Please keep in mind, Xiaolin doesn’t grow their own cannabis flowers, nor do they extract their own high-tech concentrates. They work with obsessive extractors and micro-cannabis growers to yield the finest cultivars for your discerning mood. The adherence to this principle of quality makes your own cannagar memorable, from the first puff to the last.

Part of the art of a cannagar is the procurement of raw materials depending on the harvest at the time. All these ingredients are crafted together to create an excelsior. A true work of smokable art. In my case, this cannagar is over ten grams of the most exceptionally well-propagated flower and the addition of over two grams of cannabis concentrate. Each added flavor is part of the overall experience. A chef’s medley if you will. This amalgamation of raw materials comprises each Xiaolin Cannagar. Glowing from the gold wrapper, set within the inner glass tube, the cannagar implores you to examine it closer. Each hand-crafted cannagar is sealed from humidity and uncontrolled aging, with a secure, screw-down closure for ease of access. These fantastic cannagars come emblazoned with more of the luxury red and gold lettering that signifies class and elegance.

Each tube reads Rolled Proper in gold and the lettering is carefully set handsomely upon the deeply colored, handsome red background. The packaging alone is representative of success, entrepreneurship, and utter quality of the end result, the Xiaolin Cannagar.

It is safe to say that the packaging for this cannagar shows quite clearly the care and concern that goes into the assembly of each cannagar as if it was the only cannagar made during the day. This is the ultra-quality quotient. When a product is created, not just to please the artist, but to offer a sense of self and luxury to the entrepreneur fortunate enough to afford such opulence.

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If you are at the top of your game and want the very best cannagar that your hard-earned money can buy, find yourself one of these. It’s worth the effort because you are absolutely going to make it your business to find a Xiaolin Cannagar if you are visiting Colorado.

As in the search for the Holy Grail, this is your quest. The Xiaolin Cannagar is a thing that exemplifies true quality over quantity. Each inward-focused breath will unlock deep intellectualism and it makes you believe, acutely inside your chi, that the enjoyment of this cannagar truly makes you one of the luckiest folks in the land.

And the cost of this luxury? Anywhere between $ 200 and $ 420 dollars each. They are not inexpensive, but panache of this level is rarely cheap.

There is a scent that fills the room, and it is of perfectly aged flowers of the finest quality. Woven into a mixture of cannabis concentrate and freshly dried and then cured flowers. Good health comes into focus because the experience of enjoying a Xiaolin Cannagar is not one to be rushed. Perhaps it’s the quality of the ingredients that bring the focus into view. First of all, the Xiaolin Cannagar is not a budget expenditure. The cannagar that I was fortunate to enjoy (via Carrier Pigeon), was assembled using absolutely the finest parts available in the marketplace. The outer wrapper is finished with SHINE gold leaf wrappers to form perfectly around this unique and completely hand-crafted cannagar that will greatly exceed your expectations.