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Malawi (ACE Seeds) Strain Report

Malawi (ACE Seeds) Strain Report


  1. Strain Name: Malawi
  2. Breeder: ACE Seeds
  3. Height: 3-4 meters (10-13ft)
  4. Weight (yield): High
  5. Flowering time in days: 70-91
  6. Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis/etc. ratio: 100% Sativa

7. The Malawi is ACE Seeds’ flagship strain. The breeders have been working with the lineage for over twenty years, and consider it to be the strongest, most psychedelic landrace they know.


A tropical sativa, the Malawi contains extremely high THC levels for a landrace (tested at over 26% THC) and contains very little CBD (<1%) to modulate its effect. This 100% sativa landrace has been lovingly selected from traditional heirloom seeds saved for generations by farmers in Malawi, Central Africa.


Not only is the Malawi extremely potent, she also yields abundant harvests, with dense, thick top colas that can easily get as thick and long as your forearm! She expresses abundant lateral branching (and responds vigorously to pruning), so is an ideal candidate for SCROG or horizontal growing.


The Malawi can reach prodigious heights, so when growing indoors, it’s best to switch to a 12/12 light cycle reasonably early. If you want to achieve SOG results, you’ll need to switch after just a few days, or even keep them at 12/12 for their entire cycle.

As with many other equatorial and tropical sativas, it’s also advisable to feed a lower level of nitrogen to control vegetative growth, and to feed a moderate level of PK throughout the whole cycle.

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  1. Taste (burned and unburned): Sweet, floral, spicy, fruity
  2. Scent (burned/unburned): Oil, wood and lemon; some phenos express sweet carrot and ripe mandarine aromas.
  3. What the dried bud/crumbled bud looks like: Bright green, orange hairs
  4. The speed of high onset: Fast
  5. Duration of high: Over 4 hours
  6. Quality/type of high: Intense, Psychedelic
  7. Medicinal qualities: Traditionally used to treat anthrax, dysentery, fevers, malaria, and snakebites