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What’s so Special about Mendocino cannabis, culture, and community?  As the premier trade association in our county, the Mendocino Cannabis Alliance is devoted to serving our  world-renowned cannabis cultivators and businesses through sustainable economic development, education and public policy advocacy.  MCA promotes the Special.  Watch this space….

Combine the essence of Mendocino cannabis culture, cultivation, and just plain love of the plant in one amazing woman and you have a true daughter of the Emerald Triangle — Mary Polson.  Winner of the #1 in Quality Award at the California Grow Off in 2020 for her cultivation of the Wedding Tree strain. Mary raises her specialty strains on a 5,000 sq ft section of her beautiful 60-acre farm in Long Valley.  Her first ever award is the culmination of years of tender loving growing, dedication, and love.

The Rich History Behind Mary’s Beginnings

What are Mary Polson’s roots and how did she reach this magnificent height?  Her pride of heritage comes through as she tells her story: “My family was originally from south San Francisco. They moved to beautiful Mendocino County in 1964 and bought land in the little town of Laytonville in the heart of the Emerald Triangle. My folks were not cannabis growers.  My father built Boomers bar and he and my mother ran Boomers’ for 32 years.”

Mary’s parents bought a property in Long Valley in the 1970s.  That property was originally surveyed and owned in 1872 by Samuel Pinches, Jr. an immigrant from Herefordshire, England, and the ancestor of a family that would later play a prominent role in Mendocino County history.  The Pinches family ran a cattle ranch there and called it Mineral Springs Ranch, after the beautiful sulphur spring running through it all year.  Mary eventually ended up starting her own farm on that property – SEED707.

Mary Polson found her passion for growing quality, sun-grown flower on that historic piece of land, in the world’s best place to grow cannabis, the Emerald Triangle of California.  But changing from cattle ranch to cannabis farm was not a straight shot.  “My family never grew cannabis. However, my in-laws, the Polson Family, have been cannabis farmers on Spy Rock since the early 1970s. I learned the love of the medicine from them.”

“I started growing cannabis eight years ago after the birth of my 5th child.  I was experiencing post-partum depression.  And my mother and her roommate both were suffering from cancer.  I wanted to help so I turned to cannabis for myself and for them, as a caregiver.  Cannabis changed my life 💚.”

What’s Mary’s magic formula?

Mary expresses her love for her plants by singing and dancing around them.  The work she puts in includes that personal connection and constant care.  She grows 5,000 square feet of specialty strains, outdoor, in full sun, in all natural living soil.  Mary and her crew grow many local strains that are unique to their area in Long Valley.  “You can tell the sun grown difference immediately.  The terps are off the hook delicious.”

“We work organic amendments into our soil to build more soil culture, which creates significantly more resin on the plants. Our cannabis is healthier than your food.  Living soil comes from growing worms in our pots. Healthy soil. Healthy worms. Healthy happy cannabis plants. It’s wonderful to see the worm activity in our piles of natural amendments. We call this dry feeding. We also foliar feed and brew compost teas.”

Mary grew her winning competition plant, Wedding Tree, in a 25-gallon pot with Royal Gold Soil.  She used all natural amendments including grow and bloom terp teas.  Wedding Tree grew to be about 4 ft  tall.  Her dry flower weight is 2 .5 lbs of the best citrus/ lemon yumminess taste and smell during her growing phase.  Her flowers are sweet and oh so sticky.  The high is great — very creative, a fun feeling with some good mellow vibes.  She holds 23-24 % THC after an excellent cure.  She smokes even and smooth.

It takes a community…

Mary is modest about her success, giving credit to her community for what she’s learned and applied through hard work.  “All that I know about cannabis definitely comes from my Mendocino Family.  I’ve learned to respect the plant 🌱 and all its healing powers.  We are growing with Love. We are growing medicine to help the people.”

Mary Polson’s SEED707 legal farm has been a member of MCA since February 2020.  She’s clear about why.  “With all the changes occurring in Mendocino County — the supervisors and the cannabis program policy changing — I need to be and stay informed.  As a small craft cannabis farmer, I do it all.  MCA keeps me up to date on supervisor meetings, policy changes and keeps me connected to my cannabis farming community.”

Not just knowing policy, but also trying to stay in the game of legal cannabis has been financially hard.  “MCA helps me sleep better at night.  MCA, thank you for all that you do for the small farmers of Mendocino County.  Without MCA we would be lost.”

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Mary Polson is a true daughter of Mendocino.  “I love cultivating in Mendocino County because it’s home.  I feel safe and I love knowing my community.”

Mary’s “Music & Medicine from my Mendo Heart” rock/blues band is SEED707 and they’ll rock your soul with the sounds of a generation of growers and medicine makers.  Her future plans include hosting guests in a unique, private canna-glamping experience.  Come hear Mary sing!

-Edited by Jude Thilman




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