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Mendocino Producers Guild Farmers Market 2022

Mendocino Producers Guild Farmers Market 2022


Presenting an Old World Market for New World opportunity

By Traci Pellar/ Nikki Lastreto

Greetings from the Mendocino Producers Guild!

Michael Rosati, Omar Figueroa, Nikki & Swami

Welcome to our vibrant community! We are a dedicated group of producers who are passionate not only about what we grow but how we grow. We have a commitment to quality goods and a new world idea about how we do commerce! Our goals are to support not only the consumer but the producer as well, a planet-friendly dynamic to sustain us all. We really are better together. It starts with that, not being afraid to have a mindset that is willing to work with others and watch others succeed with you. Being tribal is in our DNA. It has been around a lot longer than a corporate mindset. We are calling in the old ways to help us curate answers to our current challenges. By supporting each other, by taking as little as needed from the resource pool, and by listening and opening our hearts and minds to amazing possibilities, we all thrive. We invite you personally to see the beauty of these small and mighty farmers and producers, along with local food and music at our spring and summer markets.

Bud and sunflower at Earthworks Healing Farm. Photo: Nikki Lastreto

We at the Guild pride ourselves on quality products grown and produced here in Mendocino County. This is a very special place: home to more wildlife species than any other county in California, including the Legacy Cannabis Farmer. Our goal is to prevent habitat and farmers alike from becoming extinct. We grow with our hearts and dream with our souls. We respect our lands and waters as well as support our local communities and economy. This is our ethos.

MPG represents a myriad of various producers committed to the same integrity of product and practices. Whether it be cheese, wool, crafts, or cannabis, the purity of intention is always there. We are committed to sustainability not only in our own backyards but our culture of crafted fine products as well.

Thinking ahead to the spring/summer of 2022, we invite you to come and experience the old-world feel of a free market in the heart of the Emerald Triangle. The venue is located right off Hwy 101 in a little Legacy town called Laytonville, nestled in black oaks and golden meadows. Below are the dates of upcoming markets:

April 23, 2022, May 28, 2022, June 25, 2022. July 30, 2022.

Along with cannabis and other products for sale, we are happy to announce that in 2022 we will have on-site cannabis consumption possible. Families and Visitors can shop for local products, including cannabis, various foods, arts, and textiles, in a fun country setting where they can meet the farmers in person. Expect excellent prices as this will be direct to consumer sales.

Come enjoy some down-home goodness and know that every dollar you spend is going right into the pocket of the producers. We look forward to meeting you and sharing the wonders of finely crafted treasures from our amazing small farmers.

Here are some of the cannabis farms that will be featured at our markets:

Swami Select, Lost Coast, Happy Day Farms, Bunny Moon Magic, McLovin Farms, Spyrock Farms, Sunbright Gardens, Arcanna Flowers, Impassable Farms, Midnight Gardens, One Feather Ranch, Lost Paradise Organic,s Martyjuana™, Perrin Family Farm, Uplift First Cut Farms, WildLand Cannabis, Dew Organic™, Radicleherbs, And over 15 more!

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And over 15 more! All our farmers are under 10K ft with a limit to 2 gardens per farm, in alignment with our current Mendocino Ordinance. These cannafarmers plus over 30 other craft producers will be ready to share their wares and stories at these Live Markets.

Why are local Small Farmer’s Markets important to the planet?

Traci Pellar and Nick Smiglys Farmers Market. Photo: Nikki Lastreto

When we think of problems in our world, a lot of them can be traced to greed. A person or corporation wanting it all, never having enough, or doing only “what’s good for business.” When you have a small farm/producer mentality, it’s about doing what’s best for your family, for your land, for your community, and wanting to serve the good of all. Somehow the small producers understand that quality can only be achieved through a commitment to the world around us. Small or micro is synonymous with craft. We believe that if we all lived a little simpler, with less, we could live with a higher standard of quality and a more symbiotic relationship with our whole planet. That is the richest gift we have, life, sustainable and thriving life.

Cheers, The MPG Peeps Stay tuned to about upcoming details as the dates draw near! You can also write to us at [email protected]

10% of any profit from the market goes to 10 Mile Creek Watershed Council

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