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Micah Rubinstien Lempire Seeds

Micah Rubinstien Lempire Seeds

Cinnamon Sticks
Lem O.G. x GG4 x Panama Red

Breeder: Lempire Farmaseed
Height: Short – 4 to 5 feet
Weight/Yield: 5lbs in 100 gallon outside

Time until harvest: 55 days

Sativa/Indica ratio: 65/35

Taste unburned: Red hots and cinnamon
Taste burned: Burnt cinnamon spices and aspen mulling

Scent: Cinnamon

Dried/crumbled: Long maroon hairs with brackety nugs

Titration: Quick overwhelming high, greasy, lip sweat, wirey

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Duration: Many hours – not for the lightweight smoker

Quality / Type High: Hardcore Sativa high, almost jittery and wirey

Medicinal Qualities: Keeps you awake and focused

Cinnamon Sticks is Panama Red crossed with Lem O.G. x GG4. The award-winning Lem O.G. and Josey Wales’ GG4 bring overwhelming gas to this beauty. The terpene profile coming from the Panamanian landrace is intensely cinnamon. Cinnamon Sticks is immune to aphids and most bugs do not like this spicy strain. Much like Bubba Kush (Pre-98), this strain is fast and short. The high THC derived from the Lem O.G.x GG4 male makes this extremely potent. Cinnamon Sticks has really long hairs like Mexican landraces and tastes so good you want to smoke more. However, you cannot because of its pharmaceutical potency. The GG4 really comes through in the effect – wirey upbeat high that is great for ADD. Great for hash production, this strain smells like a candy cane dipped in road tar and rolled it in lemon dust. Available at Compassionate Heart and Neptune Seed Bank.