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Mini Trees, Microdoses, and Major Gains

Mini Trees, Microdoses, and Major Gains


Any day that starts with the gym is a good day. But first I have to harvest this Mini tree only a bit bigger than a bonsai ?. Look I have grown quite a few plants that were way taller than me, so my ego is not bruised. I’m not ashamed to admit that I am using a new LED system which has a learning curve that’s not see bad if instructions are followed. I was not using the system as intended. That failing combined with the fact that I had other plants almost 2′ taller then these plants and therefore had to place then lights at quite a distance from the smaller plants meant I was unable to maximize the potential of this plan. No matter as I am always learning and I literally have thousands more seeds which I can grow.


Another day of microdosing psychedelic mushrooms…this time at 0.19grams. I AM planning for a phenomenal day.


Of course there was time for a dab…


Gym time was prime time. It was both push and pull day for my upper body. It hurt so good it’s no wonder that I ended with a big smile.


And then a finishing smoke with my dear friend Ashley of The Yoni Day Spa.


Thanks for joining me for another Daily Dose of Dank.


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