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Moncton’s Mud City Music Festival is Paying it Forward

Moncton’s Mud City Music Festival is Paying it Forward

Red Fang To Headline Moncton’s Mud City Music Festival

From October 1-5, downtown Moncton will be hosting Mud City Music Festival. Now in its fifth year, the festival will include headliners Red Fang, Hollerado, Ian Blurton’s Future Now, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet as well as a special showcase from The Greater Moncton Girls+ Rock Camp

Moncton’s Mud City Music Fest Lineup
Moncton’s Mud City Music Fest Lineup

I had the chance to ask Xavier Leger, the festival’s founder, a few questions…

This is the 5th year that you are putting on Mud City Music Festival. What has been the biggest challenge in organizing a festival of this size? 

There’s always a million challenges while organizing events, but the biggest challenge for us is trying to not do too much. There are so many shows we would like to see and so many artists we would like to work with each year, but we have to make tough choices in order to make sure we don’t go broke overnight! 

Among other great acts your line up this year includes iconic Canadian bands Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet and the Northern Pikes. If you could book any Canadian act in the future who would it be? 

This is such a personal question, and our team has extremely varied taste so I feel this answer could change at any second. A few years back we tried to get NoMeansNo, but could not make it work. Sadly, it seems like we might never get the chance. Luckily, there are so many awesome Canadian acts we would love to work with! 

You are offering a free/pop up concert series as well as a free block party. How important has community been to the success of this festival? 

Very. The whole point of the festival is to create new opportunities within the local scene. Without support from the community, there’s just no point. Most of our shows are in club venues, so we try as much as possible to have some all ages programming to make sure we instill an appreciation for live shows in to the younger generation.

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You are featuring Girls+ Rock Camp as part of your lineup. Why is it important to you to offer a space for young girls? 

We want to make sure our music scene is as diverse and awesome as possible. That simply can’t happen (in any scene) unless you give a space for all to flourish. The Greater Moncton Girls+ Rock Camp do such a great job at mentoring kids who might otherwise not feel safe or valued in an industry that can sometimes be intimidating, and we want to encourage that type of initiative. 

What is your favourite munchie food?

Tacos or chicharrones.