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My Journey to Enlightenement

My Journey to Enlightenement

My name is Nanaiya pronounced (Na-nai-ya) and this is the story of my awakening to the healing of hemp.

The journey of healing myself with spirit and plant medicine started in 1981, after sustaining major traumatic injuries at age 13 in a violent car accident. Through years of physical therapy, prescription drug use and abuse, I began using cannabis to treat my pain and I learned the essence of what plant healing was all about. Under my mother’s guidance and at a very young age, I learned how to sustain life from Mother Earth’s amazing gifts. My mother Le Anatah, had strong insight into the healing world of medicinal herbs and is a Native American Indian and Medicine Woman in her own right. She used dry mustard seed to make a compress for my chest when I got a lung infection to pull the fluid from my lungs, comfrey for cuts, bruises and sore muscles, and eucalyptus or peppermint for opening my sinuses when I had respiratory issues as I was very asthmatic as a young child. Clary sage and lavender for headaches and chamomile to ease my upset stomach. So naturally when I embraced the healing powers of plant medicine I felt right at home and I knew I would thrive, learning and someday sharing all the amazing qualities they possessed.

By 2011 as an adult I was on a medley of medications prescribed by my doctors at the large, for profit medical corporation, Kaiser Permanente. They told me I had numerous afflictions and pumped me full of harmful and deadly medications that the FDA approved. The FDA – now let’s consider them for a moment. This entity claims that they know what is good for consumers yet much of what they approve are deadly ingredients disguised in what they call a SAFE DRUG or food. Many of these drug ingredients are often found in public water systems and table due to it being flushed down our sewer system. Harmful chemicals in food that most people rely on for sustaining life approved by the one entity we are supposed to trust in this country, the FDA. Drugs that millions are reliant on just to get out of bed in the morning which is making them sicker in other ways. I couldn’t handle the insanity any longer so one day I just woke up! I told myself I am not sick; I am not taking these pills and I am going to embrace the knowledge I had been gifted and heal myself naturally.

I spent many years working in the cannabis industry and became armed with a wealth of knowledge from being an integral part of numerous growing operations. I started growing and processing for different operations which allowed me to expand my talents and create the best growing atmosphere for all organic needs – which was a process called vertical growing.

Yet through this experience, I became deeply disappointed in the way that most owners grew their product and lied to the public about it – with pesticides and harmful nutrients that not only stay in the plant but affect the soil and water table. This practice goes on still today and there is zero control. Old growers I found were narrow-minded and set in their ways. I had to get out of the business but knew of the healing potential the herb possessed so I decided to research people that were seriously growing organically, and this led me to the next chapter of my life.

I started an edibles company called Carla’s Incredible Edibles in the winter of 2011 in Northern California. I began like most small producers, making my own oil using butter and oil to infuse my herb that was grown in my own garage. I made these foods for myself so that I wasn’t paying the super high prices that dispensaries were demanding for sugary, harmful edibles which even today are still the norm.

I have a genetic difference in my body called Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and my histamine level gets out of balance with toxins and things I am allergic to. I learned that the foods I was taking into my body was reacting to something I didn’t understand. My daughter was slowly educating me on my sensitivities, so I started my own food business.

I slowly gained momentum and learned over the course of 3 years that I had celiac disease and candida build up in my gut, blood and brain and needed to remove all grains, dairy, sugar and commercialized meats from my diet. I needed a hard detox to remove toxins. This journey was difficult in the beginning as I loved bread and grew up on grains as most people do. My eldest daughter Jennifer helped me educate myself regarding the harmful qualities that grain possessed as I found I was suffering from food allergies and being a type-A blood carrier, I should not eat dairy, meats or grains. So, my journey with food began with a swift kick and I was off. I educated myself by reading labels and looking for corn in everything where it happened to be just that, in everything. I had a horrible allergy to it which created blisters on my skin. I would go through months of healing my gut due to cross contamination and then I would have to cleanse to purge it from my body which is not an easy task. I became very knowledgeable and aware and started sharing my knowledge with anyone who would listen.

It frightened me that I knew so many people living with horribly debilitating illnesses and I knew in my soul that diet was the key to healing most illnesses. But I was merely one person and my throat chakra – my voice – needed strengthening so I could convince others to change their eating habits. So, with my food business I started sending a stronger message. I had to do the necessary research to prove my theory was correct. I stopped baking with all flours from grain. No refined sugars, no dairy products, and I embraced living a raw food lifestyle which served my body well. I no longer supported regular baking ingredients and refused to offer it to my customers, so slowly they became accustomed to my way of baking. And I didn’t have any complaints. This business continued until 2016 when I retired from the cannabis world due to serious debilitating illness which we will discuss in a moment.

The vision begins:

On May 19, 2014 the world lost an amazing soul to cancer and her name was Elizabeth Doxey. She was my friend of 27 years, my soul sister and the catalyst for my oil business, Enlightened Creations. In January 2014, Elizabeth got word that she had cancer and she contacted me with a lot of questions about whether she could take cannabis for its healing qualities and not have to smoke it. I explained that the edibles I was making would help with certain things but that there was oil on the market that was used for cancer patients and it could possibly help. I started to do more research regarding the product and what were the upsides and downsides to its use. By May, she had gotten ill so quickly that it was taking over her body. What could I do to save her I thought, with my sweet friend reaching out to me to help her find a way?

I knew I would stop at nothing to get her what I felt was going to help, so I did. I went to numerous dispensaries picking the brains of many who claimed to know more than I and I wasn’t impressed. I went to a dispensary called Harborside in Oakland California and spent an hour with a very knowledgeable man learning all I could absorb and realized I had to get her concentrated cannabis oil, and fast. I found a place in Washington that carried the oil and I started a GoFundMe Me account and raised $890 in 5 days to purchase the oil. I packed my car in Napa California and started out for a 13-hour drive to Chehalis, Washington where Elizabeth resided and was then in hospice care.

I arrived at the hospital exhausted from the drive and stress over not getting there quickly enough as she was getting worse by the minute. I had not seen her in 27 years, and I was so excited to get to hug her and tell her how much I loved her. I walked in and there she was, the cancer taking over her body, but she when she smiled at me the room brightened with illuminating light. I hugged her and kissed her and said, “I traveled a long way and as fast as my car could carry me to get to you and be by your side.” Little did I know by this time, she was beyond the healing of the herb oil. She said to me that she was ready to go and that I needed to give the oil to another who could benefit from it, and this devastated me because I didn’t know how sick she truly was until it was too late. She also said that she knew how passionate I was about helping others and that she would be with me in spirit every step of the way and be the catalyst to help me find the way to help heal others, so they didn’t have to experience the pain that she was suffering.

I stayed for two days and then I said my goodbyes as the morphine was now giving her peace from the pain and the nurse said that she would soon pass. I left the hospital at 7:42 pm on May 19, 2014 and it had been raining for three days straight. I knew I had a 3 hour drive south to my friend’s house where I could rest before driving back to my home in Napa Ca, so I turned on some music and Fleetwood Mac came on the radio and they happened to be one of the bands Elizabeth was very fond of as she had a powerful voice like Stevie Nicks.

As I was driving down the interstate, I got the call from her husband that she had passed at 8:05 pm. The clouds started to clear in front of me and the sun shined down onto the wet plains around me and all I could do was scream at the top of my lungs, WHY? Why was the beautiful woman taken so violently from this earth and why couldn’t I help? I wasn’t ready to accept this and as I cried, I knew I needed to pull over to gather myself and thoughts and I could hear her say to me, “This is just the beginning of the great things you will accomplish so please know I am here with you always.” At that moment, I realized I had to do something to change what was happening to so many people. What could I do though? She was right, I had to find my path to help heal the world one person at a time. So, the journey began and with all that I have learned about RSO, Super critical Co2 extraction and BHO extracted oils, I have finally found the most amazing healing oil there is.

These experiences led me to a new understanding of what I needed to do, and in 2016 I changed my food company name to Enlightened Foods as I was on a new path of enlightenment with not only the ingredients but the herb hemp. It was used to create my new wonderful healing foods and skin care products along with the best sublingual format available, and I stopped working in the cannabis industry and started educating myself more about hemp.

I’m a very tenacious being so when I want to learn something new that I’m passionate about, I embrace all that I can and take it on as my mission in life. I now know how to not only eat healthier, bake with organic grain free and gluten free products but I am using hemp instead of cannabis. I had no idea exactly how amazing her sister plant was. Introducing it into many different dishes early on I was able to compliment the pant-based dishes with the use of CBD oil.

How I got into the hemp oil business:

I met the most kind and generous people when I started learning about hemp and its array of healing properties. I was very sick at this point and didn’t know what was making me so ill, but I was guided with love and smiles throughout all my learning, not like I had experienced in the cannabis world where it was all about the person telling me what to do and them controlling the outcome.

Hemp wasn’t something that anyone wanted to control or prevent other people from experiencing what it had to offer. The growers on the Western Slope of Colorado are families from generations of growing. They showed me how they derived the medicine and how complex the plant truly was. I was so excited to learn and knew that hemp was now going to be what I wanted to represent and to work with. Cannabis has its place in this world, and she possesses many amazing qualities, but I realized that I could find balance with both. Once I started the journey of healing with hemp, I knew only magical things would start to transpire. The desire to help heal and educate anyone open to the possibilities of the herb is my vision as I pride myself on bringing dedication, enlightenment, loyalty, knowledge, healing energy and love to all I cross paths with and it shows in my work.

My Company:

Enlightened Creations and Buddha Farms was founded in 2016, in Ft. Collins Colorado, by myself and my husband Morgan Craft.

I had been a commercial organic cannabis grower for many years and Morgan was a GM in the hospitality world and writing his first novel when I became very ill due to having textured breast implants which had created a rare form of cancer called, Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma which can create a list of illnesses and issues within the body, mind and spirit.

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In September of 2016, the we had an opportunity to visit a hemp farm in western Colorado which is now referred to as the hemp capital of America. A meeting with 100 local farmers was taking

place in Montrose, Colorado and they had been invited to attend as their first introduction to hemp and its many benefits. The farmers were anxious to learn how they could benefit from growing the hemp on their land verses corn, soybeans and other vegetables that were not bringing the higher value crop that they so desperately needed. After listening to the panel share their insight, I realized how truly valuable hemp was and decided to retire from the cannabis world and dive into the beautiful family of hemp farming, processing and manufacturing.

After their visit to the hemp farm, I immediately started taking the CBD oil that had been gifted to me by a friend who is now referred to as the King of Hemp in Colorado, and was part of the of the creation of the 2014 Hemp Act law. I took the oil for 11 months before I was able to have the surgery to remove the implants and the cancer, and had been working side by side with the growers, processors and manufacturers to provide the most excellent hemp products on the market.

I branded my first company in April 2017, Buddha Farms and Enlightened Products, and launched my first product online which was Enlightened Oils Hemp CBD. Within one year I had over 3,000 very satisfied customers who continue to rave about the wonderful experience they have had using my products. I believe that if you start with a truly organic female seed, grow it in perfectly balanced pH soil from organic ingredients with a natural water source and love, you can experience the wonders that hemp possesses. Our products are all created with truly organic ingredients, from organically grown hemp CBD which is infused into all-natural blends to create a balanced body, mind and spirit.

The Surgery:

My implant extraction surgery took place on October 5, 2017 and since that day, I have healed myself completely with cruciferous alkaline eating, and my organically grown hemp CBD. I am a Spirit Medicine Woman, and I have in-depth knowledge of the many uses that hemp possesses, so I created an entire line of products for the health conscious being, and I use only natural ingredients gifted from Mother Earth and below are some of the new great healing products I made during my journey healing from the cancer.

FemHemp is the first Oxygenated Breast & Body Massage Oil product created with the Feminine Divine in mind with an organic plant-based blend for breast healing due to surgery, inflammation, pain, discomfort, skin irritation or just wanting to give your breast some extra love. This helped my nerves heal and the cellular wall reproduce in two months what normally would take 6-12 months. I was astonished and knew I had created a great healing oil and needed to brand it.

Tatt Tru is the first Oxygenated Body Art Hemp Salve on the market for not only helping the skin rejuvenate rapidly but it’s used during the tattoo and after for assisting with inflammation, bleeding and discomfort. Tattoo artists are giving testimony to the healing of this salve and the way it keeps the skin healing daily shows in the way your art shines and looks like new work of art no matter how long you’ve had the tattoo. I created this salve to heal my scars from the surgery that left my breast in a lot of pain, so I knew that with how fast I healed that I needed to share this with the world.

Inner Source Botanicals Sublinguals from Enlightened Creations in Sedona, Arizona, was formed to adapt to the rapid changes in the industry and to facilitate the emerging global demand for our products and expertise. We now also represent a full “Seed -to- Shelf” company, offering organic female seed, seedlings, clones, processing and manufacturing ability. infrastructure consultation and US and International distribution. We offer small batch production, non-GMP, and large scale (5,000 – 500,000 units per month) with full cGMP certification. We have facilitated many relations over the course of several years in the hemp industry and now we are partnered with and represent the BEST hemp farms in America.

We are a tribe of compassionate beings who are here to help the world by educating anyone who desires the knowledge of healing with hemp. I myself continue to live by the rule of healthy organic eating, mental and physical strength through yoga, meditation, being present and total compassion. After 7 years of educating myself about food, cannabis and now hemp and being a cancer survivor, I am prepared to share it with the world and that’s exactly what I am currently doing. I am forever envisioning new possibilities, where I may also share my passion for the healing of plant medicine.