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New KOS Release, La Smush F1 Hybrid

New KOS Release, La Smush F1 Hybrid

La Smush Seeds

This is a new release over at KOS (Kingdom Organic Seeds) in the Gamblers’ section, a very worthy addition to any garden, I think. The genetic/expressions floating around in the La Smush are potentially epic, in my opinion. The price is right as well. I’ll provide a link at the end of this article.

In the photo above you can see the dark and deadly La Smush seeds. Making this hybrid was partly opportunistic. I had been toying around with something to recombine with my beloved Skyanchor genetics.

The Riffraff Thai was always a top potential contender on my short-list for the male breeder genes for the Skyanchor. While inbreeding the Riffraff Thai I got an extremely capable male, seriously, a superior individual. I kept him around in clone form while I brought up the Skyanchor plants. I selected 2 Skyanchor females to recombine with my stellar male Riffraff Thai. Let me show you some more baybee…

The Fast Deets on La Smush

The Skyanchor is No Slouch When It Comes to Yields Either
The Skyanchor maternal P1 is No Slouch When It Comes to Yields Either


AVAILABILITY: Kingdom Organic Seeds (Gamblers’ Section)


SIZE: Stretches 2x or Less

WEIGHT/YIELD: Excellent w/Large Dense Flowers


SATIVA/INDICA RATIO: 80/20 Indica/Sativa

LINEAGE: – Riffraff Thai (m1) x Skyanchor (2)

FLAVORS/SMELLS: Fully Sweet and Sour with Strong Candy and Acrid Honey Oil

BAG APPEAL: Very Exotic, Really Frosty, Super Smelly, and Tremendously Purple Buds

ONSET TIME: 5 Minutes



The Riffraff Thai Females are Extremely Vigorous Growing Ass Kickers
The Riffraff Thai Females (paternal P1 breeder genes) are Extremely Vigorous Growing Ass Kickers

The Rundown—Hierarchy Etc.

MALE BREEDER DEETS: I had recently inbred my Riffraff Thai line of beans, and while selecting the breeders for that project I came across a truly exceptional male. Hearty and vigorous to the max, and seriously purple. Some of the Riffraff Thai high-type qualities have always reminded me of the old-school Champagne indica. The Riffraff doesn’t really hold any super Thai-like qualities and is more of a deadly potent and tasty combo that yields really big purple buds. I kept the male in clone form until I had my Skyanchor breeders all set to rock and roll.

The Mysterious and Deadly Skyanchor Genetics
The Mysterious and Deadly Skyanchor  Maternal P1 Breeder Genetics

FEMALE BREEDER(S) DEETS: The Skyanchor is a superior weirdo strain. A cross made by me some years ago, where I selected a wonderful Bogglegum (from BOG) male, and a clone-only variety called Purple Salem Indica (PSI) I acquired from an old friend named Keith, in Salem, OR. The Skyanchor is very purple and a master of severe resin production, along with sweet candy like red Tootsie Pops and Honey Oil—very pungent indeed—extreme terpene power and resin production. The Skyanchor, also reminds me a lot of the old Champagne indica from the days of yore, heh heh.

Growing Information


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The only small issue these may encounter is their distaste for pH ranges below 6.7ish. This is due to the landrace Deep Chunk genetics within the paternal P1 of La Smush, the Riffraff Thai. Great tolerance to higher temperatures and to dryer conditions overall can be reasonably counted on.

Please do not sprout these on a 24/0 photoperiod and I recommend a photoperiod of 16/8 for sprouting and until 30 days old, then 18/6 is fine. Never use a 24/0 photoperiod. Always allow plants (or clones of plants; and clones are the same age that the seed plant would be no matter how many clones of clones) to get at least 55 days old from sprouting, before starting to flower for maximum resin production. You should always grow organically/all-naturally for the full appreciation of natural smells and flavors.

The Paternal P1 Breeder for La Smush, the Riffraff Thai Females are Grapefruit and Honey Oil Terpenes
The Paternal P1 Breeder for La Smush, the Riffraff Thai Females are Grapefruit and Honey Oil Terpenes

Afterword with Rev

This recombination (La Smush) has many very favorable expressions rolling around and having that very dominant purple expression ride along with a very potent resin expression—wicked resin production levels—almost as a co-dependent, is a beautiful thing. All too often those hard-core purple expressions ride along with lower potency (resin production) as a co-dependent-ish, and I have seen this a ton in the past. Nice building blocks for breeders here.

To me, most indica varieties are hammers that lack complexity. That’s not to say I don’t dig that sometimes, just not usually as my go-to smoke. The Skyanchor, like the old Champagne, are both weirdo indica varieties that not only knock the crap out of you—LoL—but actually get you very-very high, and not so much “stoned”. You know what I mean, stoned is like, “drooling on your shoes” … very high is like your mind and body are jamming through the universe at high speeds while you do things, with a huge grin. Simplified, but you get my drift yeah?

Grab a copy of my last book, True Living Organics 2nd Edition by The Rev, it’s a wonderland for containers growers who love all-natural style. Def grab yourselves a pack of these seeds here: KOS – LA Smush – Kingdom Organic Seeds. L8r G8rs…

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March 2022 Crossword Time…

Today’s puzzle is all over the place—LoL—some La Smush stuff, nostalgic TV, and cannabis related. I would say today’s puzzle is, fairly easy as these go. Cheers and have fun. The key is in a link right below the puzzle if you needs it—wink.

La Smush Article

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