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Nuvata: Ultra-Gourmet Cannabis Disposables

Nuvata: Ultra-Gourmet Cannabis Disposables

There is a massive market for discrete vape cartridges, and they come in all sizes and shapes. From the traditional 710, screw on to your favorite battery variety, to the disposable, pen-styled devices, to the less conspicuous versions that resemble books of matches and the like.
One vape cartridge in the disposable variety that I discovered about four years ago is the product known as Nuvata. Nu for New and Vata Nu stands for the new way of bringing something new to life and re-envisioning of art. Vata is one of the three Doshas (substances that are present in a person’s body) according to Ayurvedic medicine and refers to space and air.

I love the color of casings housing each variety, along with the potently smooth vapor that emanates from within. They are jam-packed full of juicy terpenes and are generally aimed at a. younger crowd. Not to say they are sweet and candy-like, only the colors are eye-catching. The overall experience of inhaling the vapor is purely subjective. I think they are fruit-forward, along with the bright colors of the casing. Nuvata disposables are the definition of California Sober, meaning you don’t need to cut all vices out of your diet. Just the ones that give you hangovers.

Nuvata is geared to your moods along with bursting with proper splashes of their uniquely juicy fruit flavors.

I recently tasted the strawberry disposable vape provided by my friend, (she’s everywhere at once, Northern California regional manager) Vanessa Flores (thank you!) and was immediately entranced by limitless pools of warmly entrancing, baby strawberry flavors that swirled around my forehead and skedaddled up and down my spine with enthusiasm. She told me that the oil was extremely pure and that even all day, everyday smoking enthusiasts like myself would enjoy the deeply resonating effects. She was right! I experienced that perfect California day encapsulated into each metered puff. The fruit flavors were not overpowering, nor cloying in any way.

Here is my description of the strawberry cart:

Full Mind
Fuel Your Creativity

Photo Credit: Jason Kent

Creative minds will find that this blend widens the lens through which inspiration passes while providing an active boost to motivation. The revitalizing, natural strawberry taste will leave you feeling pure, clear-headed, and revivified. It’s really uncanny how this vape made me feel. I thought it would be kid’s stuff at first with the opulence of the fruit, but after a couple of minutes, my first impression was dashed against the rocks.

This stuff is strong but not subduing. They really do exactly what is required in a disposable vape cart. Did I say that this stuff really does the trick? It does. And then some.

You will experience an uplifted sensation due to the strong presence of the terpene caryophyllene. At the same time, limonene will engage your creative instincts, while myrcene and linalool introduce calming and relaxing effects. Humulene will also be present, reinforcing an active doer’s mindset.

The Nuvata disposable carts are geared to an arty and enthusiastic audience. Anyone who already likes a splash of sprightly pigment in their attire would benefit from the Nuvata flavor/color palate. These disposable vapes really stand out in a crowd.

The physical effect of inhaling the Nuvata vape is world-class, with a richly textured and robust cannabis experience without the ever-present smoke from smoking a joint. The vapor dissipates quickly and leaves only a pleasant strawberry-scented haze for a fleeting moment in time.

You might notice that there are no strain names on the packaging, but it does offer suggestions towards the application of the product. This is following the trend in cannabis that shy’s away from making a statement about a strain name but offers open-ended statements. I like this methodology because strain names only are suggestions. It’s your experience that moves towards the optimal high.

Photo Credit: Jason Kent

Nuvata comes well packaged, and they offer a couple of paragraphs on the added terpenes and the THC/CBD content. The suggestion for usage goes a long way towards demystifying the cannabis experience. As I have discussed in prior articles, I believe that the cannabis industry can go much further in offering factual and useful information to consumers, with Nuvata leading the industry.

They may offer a brightly colored and attractive package, but the oil contained within is what really matters at the end of the day. The aromatic of the disposable is luscious and attractive to the nose. The terpene profiles really catch your attention.

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Nuvata is perfect for beginners and for those who are looking for a deeper experience with real oil driving the way; this is it.

Andy Singh is the founder and CEO of Nuvata. In his own words:

WB: Tell me about your company? What was your inspiration for Nuvata? Why Cannabis?
AS: Nuvata was born out of my love for the plant and the belief that everyone should be able to enjoy the wellness, mindfulness, and fun that cannabis can bring to life. My goal with Nuvata is not to get people high for the sake of it but to enhance their lives through cannabis. As a Thai-Indian-American, I wanted my eastern values to coincide with western culture through cannabis. Nuvata was coined by combining two separate terms, “Nu” and “Vata.” Nu stands for the new way of bringing something new to life and re-envisioning of art. According to Ayurvedic medicine, Vata is one of the three Doshas (substances that are present in a person’s body) and refers to space and air. We believe Nuvata’s Mind-Body Series can enable the regulating of your internal body mechanisms, opening up channels of wellness and mindfulness, unlocking space within.
I think that’s pretty succinct!

Feature Photo Credit: Jason Kent

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