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Parents 4 Pot Call to Action!

Parents 4 Pot Call to Action!

While Parents 4 Pot has always operated as a non profit with all of our funds distributed directly to families in need, we are pleased to announce that we have gained 501(c)3 nonprofit status! We worked very hard to achieve this and are proud of this milestone.

Why does this matter? Parents 4 Pot is committed to helping as many families as possible. This means ensuring that as much as possible of the funds we collect can be redistributed to families. Previously we were required to pay crippling taxes on donations. We will now be exempt from paying those. This also means that any funds donated to our organization are now tax deductible for you! We hope that this encourages people to be even more generous! We are grateful to the companies, individuals and groups that have always supported the Parents 4 Pot mission. We hope that this official status is incentive for more to follow suit.

NOW is the time! To celebrate our achievement, we’d like to kick off a fundraising drive! This will help us have our very first reserve fund and expand our efforts beyond our annual Holiday Drive and our recently added and very successful Back-to- School Drive! We aim to become a powerhouse organization fighting on the front lines for cannabis freedom and the people suffering without it!  

We are putting out a call to action to support the ramping up of our efforts!! We are asking all of our supporters, allies, friends and fellow cannabis enthusiasts and activists to dig deep and give as generously as you can. The time is NOW!

We are far from victory laps as far too many individuals are incarcerated over this plant. Too many families are torn apart or forced to move for legal access to cannabis. There are too many activists targeted by their communities for openly speaking about cannabis. Our goal is to extend our reach to all facets of the community.

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You can find a donation tab on our website You’ll find multiple ways to support us. Your membership contribution will support direct action campaigns to help end prohibition. Or, you can help by simply making a tax deductible donation. Your donation will help fund community education and awareness efforts as well. While you’re there check out our merchandise in our online store so that you can open conversations with your Parents 4 Pot t shirt! Ending prohibition will take a lot of time, effort and resources. We are counting on your support to help us help others as we fight toward the ultimate goal of ending cannabis prohibition one family at a time.

Originally printed in SKUNK 8/16

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