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Parents 4 Pot Holiday Drive – Week 3

Parents 4 Pot Holiday Drive – Week 3

HERE WE GO! With less than three weeks to gather gifts and get them out in time for the holidays, the pressure feels more intense than ever to make this 5th Annual Parents 4 Pot POW and Cannabis Community Holiday Drive another success. Parents 4 Pot is reaching out for the support it takes to bring the pot community together and make this mission possible. We are just shy of being half way there.

Here’s a closer look at three more families we’re sponsoring this year.

Crystal Munoz and family

Prisoner of war (POW) Crystal Munoz is serving a 20-year prison sentence. She’s the mother of two beautiful little girls, one of which was born while Crystal was incarcerated. It’s hard to wrap our thoughts around this situation without our hearts coming undone. Crystal (10) and her little sister, Nova (9) live with their loving father, Ricky. This is the 5th year we’ve sponsored this family and every year these girls mention their mother on their wish lists. This year, they asked for “gas cards” so they could go see their mother in prison. Prohibition surpasses the boundaries of being unfair. Crystal has been in prison since 2007.

Jacob and Jim Martin

Jim Martin is caught somewhere in the middle of being a POW and a refugee. Originally from, Chicago, Illinois, he is now living in Colorado. His home was raided three years ago, where authorities found 57 plants. Jim has a son named Jacob who is nine years old. Jim is currently on bond. We are all wishing and hoping the best for him. Prohibition cannot end soon enough.

Micaih Hutchens

Micaih Hutchens is a seven-year-old boy who lives with his grandmother, Mikalena. Both his parents have been incarcerated since 2013. Micaih has many complex medical issues including epilepsy and Autism. He has become verbal since he recently started using cannabis. He is, “absolutely in love with Santa”, and is continually saying, “I love Christmas!” Like many, this family lives on Social Security with a good portion going to cover Micaih’s medical cannabis needs. Micaih really wants a Nintendo Switch for the holiday, as he spends his time in wheelchair or in a bed. His adorable and incredibly humble grandmother is in need of a new phone, as hers is cracked to the point she can hardly use it. She asked that a new phone not be included on their Wish List to make sure Micaih has a better chance of getting what he wants. We’re putting out a special request to the community at large for all these families’ needs and wants to be met.

There are many ways to contribute to this mission. You can share the link to our Holiday Drive Tell your family and friends. Knock a gift or several off the Wish Lists. Use, and a portion of any of your online purchases will go towards these families when you choose Parents 4 Pot as your favorite non-profit organization. Make a direct financial contribution via PayPal, or contact us to sponsor a family at [email protected]

Bringing people together and giving what we can is how we make this mission happen.

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