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Parents 4 Pot Holiday Drive – Week 4

Parents 4 Pot Holiday Drive – Week 4

Hey SKUNK fans!

We have a little over one week left to fill this year’s Parents 4 Pot Holiday Drive Wish Lists, and we still need your donations to make this another successful event.

We recently had a family ask to be removed from this year’s list to give other kids and their families a better chance of having their Wish Lists filled. It was an incredibly selfless act that made us all deeply reflect. The families we sponsor every year endure incredible obstacles and hardships. We work hard coast to coast and encourage people to give what they can in hopes that it will all come together in the end. The countdown is on.

Here is a snapshot of three more families we chose to sponsor this year. Your generous donations will help families like these have a better holiday.

Corvain Cooper

POW Corvain Cooper is serving a life sentence for pot. Can you begin to imagine the hardships his two daughters, Cleer (12) and Scotlyn (8) have faced? It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it. Corvain was “offered” 15 – 20 years if he pled guilty and faced a life sentence if he exercised his right to trial and lost. Corvain did the only thing he felt was correct; he took his case to trial thinking the truth would come out. Please note that on the website there are two different Wish Lists as Corvain’s daughters live in two different homes.

Jaqie Angel Warrior’s Family

Five-year-old, Jaqie Angel Warrior is certainly a warrior! She and her mother, Brittany are refugees divided from their family to make sure Jaqie gets the cannabis she needs to treat her catastrophic epilepsy. She was having between 100 – 300+ seizures a day in Oklahoma, and her doctors wanted to do brain surgery. Since starting cannabis, her seizures have decreased by 85 – 95%! Jaqie has three older sisters, Lovle (7), Lailah (9) and Ania (10) who are advocates for their little sister.

Mindy, Kaytlynn and Brandon Jansen

Brandon and Mindy Jansen are Iowa activists who benefit from cannabis as both have neck fusions. Kaytlynn is their 9-year-old daughter, who was removed from her loving home after a raid which put her father in prison for several months. They all struggle with the aftermath of living through such a horrible experience. Thankfully, the family is back together. But, they are not in a financial situation to pack up and move. It’s a common thread that many families face.

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We invite you all to pick a gift or several gifts off these families Wish Lists. You can find them on our website at There are many gifts for $25 or less. Get your kids involved and teach them how important it is to help others. The greatest gift is being able to give.

You can also choose Parents 4 Pot as your favorite non-profit organization when you use Part of your purchases will be donated to Parents 4 Pot so we can continue to help families harmed by prohibition.

Please contact us if you would like to sponsor a family or make other arrangements to send your support. If you have any questions, you can send them to us at [email protected]

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