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Parents 4 Pot Holiday Drive – Week 2

Parents 4 Pot Holiday Drive – Week 2

THE 5th ANNUAL PARENTS 4 POT POW and Cannabis Community Holiday Drive is in full swing. We hope to bring some holiday magic to 50 families again this year. With your support, we hope to help them and the families from our waiting list.

This event is all about bringing community together and doing what we can to make a difference through education and direct impact.

Over the next few weeks, SKUNK Magazine has been generous to give us space on their website to share these families’ stories. Every week we will share 3 families’ journeys. You can see all the families on our website at

The first family we’d like to share is the Scarmazzo Family. Luke Scarmazzo is a POW in prison for pot, serving a mandatory minimum 20 – year sentence. Right now, he’s on lock-down, and it may be several months of lock-down. Luke has been in prison since 2008 and has a teenage daughter named Jasmine. She has become an incredible activist for her father and others who are incarcerated. Here’s a letter Luke wrote recently:

“Back when the marijuana industry was in its infancy it took tremendous courage to be involved. When we opened CHC, our marijuana dispensary, I never thought I could get 22 years in federal prison behind it; the consequence came right out of the shadows. Nevertheless, if our actions contributed to the freedoms experienced today–i.e. millions of American adults able to use marijuana without fear of retribution–then it was all worth it. But no matter how just the cause or unjust the imprisonment, it doesn’t make prison any easier. Oftentimes its lonely, stressful, and downright inhumane. These feelings are amplified during the holidays. That’s when my yearning for family and community are greatest. And it kills me to see how my absence affects my daughter. I’m supposed to be her protector and provider yet from behind these bars fulfilling those duties is next to impossible. The greatest casualties of the War on Drugs, by far, are the children. I’ve been incarcerated since 2008, and from the beginning Mickey Martin and Parents 4 Pot have been there for me and my family. Mickey passed away earlier this year but his spirit lives on through the selfless work of the many volunteers and financial backers at P4P. During the most trying time of the year–when the haunting of prison is felt most–P4P helps fill the void by providing gifts, smiles, and Christmas cheer to so many struggling families. Their contributions to freedom, the marijuana movement, and most importantly the children, are beyond extraordinary and I cannot thank them enough for the work they do. Even though they’ve sought no recognition, I hope my words can give some semblance of their charitable deeds, the deep gratitude I hold for them, and the immeasurable joy they spread during the holiday season.

From a father in prison, thank you.

Strength & Love,
Luke Scarmazzo”


The next family we’d like to share is the Brown family. They are refugees from Indiana now living in Colorado. Due to the high cost of living in the Mile-High State, they are living in a camper trailer. The housing market has nearly tripled since legalization. The green rush has brought about a lot of greed while people are uprooting in hopes of healing themselves or their children. Katie Brown is a single mother to her son, Riley who is 12 years old. Katie faces several medical hardships and cannabis helps her a lot. The Brown family has some serious needs, including a refrigerator.


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The third and final family for this week is an activist family, the Holt family. This family is up against some serious odds. Madeline, or Maddie as she is lovingly called, is a 5-year-old little girl with a rare condition called Zellweger Syndrome. Maddie has a three-year-old little sister, Olivia. You can learn more about this family’s journey on Facebook at Madeline’s Whole Plant Journey (


All these families’ stories can be found on our website as well as links to their wish lists.

Our hopes are that you all will share these families’ journeys, pick a gift or several, and help us lift these families up. Your generous donations are what make it possible. If you don’t want to shop, you can donate via Paypal at We can also accept your donations with your debit or credit card at Please, take a moment and make a difference for a family that needs your help.


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