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The Path to Potency

The Path to Potency

AT GAGE GREEN GROUP, we ask our plants for answers. When we observe a plant’s life, we learn more about our own life. Everybody seeks to grow a potent and healthy plant, but what about growing a potent human?

As connoisseurs, we delight at well-grown, healthy flowers. What causes a plant to develop a beautiful flower? By learning how to grow a healthy plant, we learn how to grow a healthy woman and man.

Just as quality of flowers can vary, the vitality and health of mankind can vary drastically. How can we promote life which leads to potency rather than mediocrity? The following are a few areas we can address to improve both plant and human well-being.



In order to build anything in this world, we must have all the right parts. Otherwise, the creation is incomplete. The same applies to biological life. We all require the basic elements and building blocks to perform at optimal. When a plant is given what it needs, it grows with ease. Humans also function at a higher level when given the proper inputs. If plants don’t get fed properly, they stop growing. When humans don’t get fed properly, they get sick and frustrated. A nourished being is a happy being with less problems overall.

Gage Green Group promotes a vision of strong and vitalized humans, growing strong and vitalized plants, which will provide increasing amounts of strength and vitality back to the humans, and on and on. Putting us back on the path towards potency.


Fungal Problems

Common problems in gardening include fungal pathogens like powdery mildew and botrytis. These problems all can be fixed with the right practices, often a simple environmental adjustment, better nutrition or plant health, and probiotics. Mold often ends the life of a plant before it reaches its full maturity.

Mold and pathogens can also affect us. Just like plants suffer from mildew and botrytis, our bodies suffer from problems that can also be alleviated with environmental changes, nutrients and probiotics. Candida albicans is a major fungal pathogen when it comes to our world and by simply washing our bodies with care and awareness can drastically change our world. This is called balneotherapy. Bathing to rejuvenate the body. Like a beneficial foliar for the plants.



Like broad mites and russet mites in plants, humans and animals also have mites that live and die in the follicles and pores – demodex folliculorum and demodex brevis. How do we treat these problems safely and naturally?

Most of the holistic ways to treat mites are the same in the gardening and in the home. Both plants and humans benefit tremendously from essential oil and other oils like neem and karanja. Also, a nourished organism is much more resilient to the effects of pests than a malnourished organism. We must strengthen our resolve to reach our full potency if we are to defend ourselves from parasites.

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Stay Strong

At Gage Green Group, we want to see friends and family at a high potential just like we want to see our plants growing at the high potential. This is why we have methods which will work for plants and in the garden. Those same set of methods work for our own lives. This holistic understanding of plants helps improve our own world and gives us a better awareness of who we are. By studying the plant, we study ourselves. @GAGEGREENGROUP on Instagram
Gage Green Group is dedicated to regenerative solutions in life and garden. The principles of Gage provide us with pure and potent herbs which uplift and improve the mind body spirt and soul.



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