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Pebbles Trippet Fundraiser

Pebbles Trippet Fundraiser

Pebbles Trippet has been a long time Mendocino Coast resident and a pioneer, Medical Cannabis Advocate.  In 1996 she fought and won People v. Trippet in the Appeals Court for all the people of California, driving Cannabis laws forward in California and on a National scale.  To this day, Lawyers use her case and refer to her win as the “Trippet Standard” and Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman always recognizes her when he enters a room she is in, giving her the highest respect and praise.   In 2009 she received a lifetime achievement award for her activism and legal work.

Pebbles has been a huge mentor and friend to many.   We have seen her generosity in this community, from lending her car, a dollar or a bud to those in need, to volunteering her time picking up trash on HWY 128 in Philo with the Adopt-a-Highway program she has maintained for over 10 years (Medical Marijuana Patients Union).   Pebbles is always shopping local first, as it is a priority for her, and we too have experienced her kindness and generosity ourselves first hand.

Pebbles is always outspoken on what she believes in, but very humble.

A few years ago we came to find out that she had suffered a tragedy a few years earlier,  and was alone to deal with it.  She didn’t ask anyone for help, and those that offered never showed up.  When we heard this, we felt obliged to help a woman that has done so much for so many yet has asked for nothing in return.

Residing alongside the Navarro River, several years ago her home and property was devastated to the river cresting and flooding her entire property and home.   Highway patrol came to rescue her by boat, as all exits were blocked or flooded out.  Her home and truck sat under several feet of water for many days.   There was no flood insurance.

We started cleanup about five years ago.  Five years after the flood. (Donate HERE)

The cleanup over the years has been time-consuming and costly.  Thousands of dollars have been spent just in dump fees slowly dumping the thousands of precious memories, books, magazine, archives and other property that was ruined in the flood.  Vehicles had to be towed and scrapped, tools and appliances too.

Our goal with this GoFundMe is to raise the money to help Pebbles restore her habitat to a condition of living that most of us are accustomed.

There are still many, many hours of cleanup to be done and truckloads of garbage to be removed.  Appliances need to be replaced, demolitions and remodels need to be done.

$15,000 is a starting point.  The damages and losses could never be covered by this number nor could the rebuilding and repairs.  It’s a number we can get back to work with.

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Pebbles has dedicated her life and financial resources to help others.

In this spirit, we have dedicated time and resources of our own into helping a woman who has so little, yet deserves so much.

We are asking you to join us wholeheartedly in donating what you have to offer.

Please help us help Pebbles. Click HERE to donate to here GoFundMe.

Pebbles and Julie at The Emerald Cup 2018
Pebbles and Julie at The Emerald Cup 2018
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