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Play This Game, Survive The Apocalypse

Play This Game, Survive The Apocalypse

HotBox™ Box Game

The New Game HotBox™ From Cypress Hill and FITZ Games Will Help You Survive The Apocalypse

“Ahhh!” we all scream. Panicked at the sight of the reality we’ve created, it’s clear: the apocalypse is finally here. 

No we aren’t running from lions, tigers, and bears. The monster we fear is invisible, and it has proven to be the worst kind of villain: mysterious, devious, calculated, unstoppable, and immoral. Slithering through the garden of our collective consciousness, The Coronavirus has forced each of us into silos where we must face our greatest fear: boredom. 

Basically, we all are going insane in the brain. We’ve had to find fun shit to do on Zoom to feel like we’re not going cuckoo. 

Thankfully, legendary West Coast rap group, Cypress Hill, along with FITZ Games, has come to our rescue with their new THC-infused party game, HotBox™

Written with every type of stoner in mind, FITZ Games called on 420-loving comedians from across the world. For months, they collaborated by sharing jokes and experiences. Their ultimate goal was to create the perfect game for a good old high time! 


If you’re still looking for something fun to do as the world ends, then keep reading to learn more about how HotBox™ can make the apocalypse fun as hell!

1. Invite Your Friends and Grab Your Favorite Strain

I’m sure we all are planning smoke sessions left and right. The Apocalypse has forced us to be innovative, and in-person gatherings have become obsolete. Now, we all are passing digital blunts over Zoom. If you’re looking for a way to make your digital smoke session more memorable, then invite 4 to 10 of your favorite stoner friends online, collectively choose a dope strain to smoke, and get ready to laugh uncontrollably. For the people who are looking for a high-energy time, HotBox™ pairs well with Sativa strains like Sour Diesel, Pineapple Express, and Purple Haze. 

2. Get Your Cypress Hill Playlist Ready

Written with rap fans in mind, HotBox™ is perfectly paired with the sounds of Cypress Hill. The pack includes 40 additional cards written entirely by the band and themed around their music and culture. It makes sense to let their #1 album, Black Sunday, blast in the background. 

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3. Laugh Your Ass Off

HotBox™  is a 420 themed comedy card game that is packed with questions, answers, and dares. Every deck comes with 420 cards, and the Cypress Hill “expansion pack” is an added bonus. The game features jokes from a diverse group of international comedians, and it showcases how humor for everyone. The game is full of wild suggestions. You may have to to “take a shot of ranch” or “FaceTime your ex” as you work yourself through the deck.

I know you’re tired you’re tired of running away from monsters, quarantining, and being bored out of your mind. Purchase HotBox™ to help you beat your Apocalypse Blues and have a blazing game night with your friends. HotBox™ is also the perfect 420-friendly gift.

The base game retails for $25.00 (MSRP) and includes 420 cards. When you purchase the initial game, you have the option to add on the Cypress Hill “expansion pack” for an additional $14.20 (MSRP).