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Portable Oxygen Generator NEEDED for Community Activist, Amy Fisher

Portable Oxygen Generator NEEDED for Community Activist, Amy Fisher


Amy Fisher is a Cannabis Medical Advocate and Activist who needs the help of her community.

Amy worked with the Jack Herer Initiative for the last 12 years and has been a community Activist for the previous 24 years. She now operates a Traveling Hemp Museum showcasing artifacts dating back over 500 years; Textiles, Fabrics, Ropes, Historical documents and Culture to show and Educate the public about the many uses of Hemp and Cannabis. Amy wants nothing more than to find a permanent home for the Hemp Museum. However, she is in need of an oxygen generator.

Amy explains, “We hope to get the museum a permanent home one day as my health is not as good as it used to be and am now needing oxygen to be at my best. I have worked hard to get the museum where it is, and I please need your help to continue my work.”

Read more from Amy’s GoFund Me Campaign set up by Brian Miller:

“PLEASE HELP…We are trying to help Amy Fisher a Community, Health, Cannabis, and Hemp Activist for over 22 years to obtain a portable oxygen concentrator. She was diagnosed with respiratory failure earlier this month.
Amy needs this machine and extra batteries as she needs to be able to leave the house for everyday living and to keep her Educational work going with her Traveling hemp museum. Which is a nonprofit and has been doing public educational shows for seven years now showing Hemp History.
The website is.
Thank you, for your support and Donations in this time of need, they are greatly appreciated.”

Here is a link to donate directly to her fundraiser:

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The Traveling Hemp Museum is a non-profit and are part of the Kubby Foundation, owned by Steve and Nobia Kubby.

“Thank you, everyone. I appreciate your continued love and support.” Amy Fisher

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