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Pressing Old School Hashish into New School Templeball

Pressing Old School Hashish into New School Templeball

Hashish is a treasure to make, smoke, and behold. For many years, the allure of Hashish has held sway over cannabis lovers; prompting endless tales of the best ever smoked. After learning about making bubble hash and the crucial step of decarbing the Hashish, I am officially (still) in love.

Over the course of 20 minutes, I take freeze dried ICE WATER bubble hash and turn it into a modern day templeball. Using Jah Goo BUBBLE HASH resin, I explain my process of melting heads into a shiny, cohesive mass.

This cannot be done with grinder kief. Pressing resin into a templeball requires that the resin be at least 85% heads. Kief is usually around 46 -60% heads at most. What’s in your grinder will NOT make this.

Uncleaned kief will not press. Check out this video I made explaining why:

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