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Q & A with a COA-Compliant Topical Company


Q & A with a COA-Compliant Topical Company

Who are you?

Enchanted Stone Age.
Formerly known as Enchanted Baths.
Aka Space Queen & Twinks.
Based out of Long Beach, California.

What do you do?

We produce a cannabis skincare line from seed production all the way to the finished, packaged product.
Our motto: “From Seed to Skin”

Top sellers?

Ache & Bake pain salve
6:1 – (180 mg THC : 30mg CBD)
Vegan Body Butter
2:1 – (150 mg THC : 75 mg CBD)

What’s an Ache & Bake pain salve?

Our all natural pain mending salve is made to help with muscle pains, strains, inflammation, sciatica, bruises, arthritis, menstrual cramps, and more. Our base oil is solar infused with herbs, flowers and spices, all of which have healing properties alone or combined. Every ingredient in our salve has amazing healing benefits. To name a few, camphor has the power to stimulate nerves and can alleviate many types of pain like Inflammations, gout, arthritis and rheumatism. Ginger has been used for all sorts of ailments including arthritis and muscle pain. It has anti inflammatory properties and the warming abilities help to improve circulation and relieve tension in tired muscles. Turmeric reduces sciatica pain, inflammation, and treats bursitis. It also relieves stiffness related to rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Our salve will have you up and about feeling ready to take on life’s challenges.

What’s a Vegan body butter?

A non-oily, quick absorbing, vegan body butter blend. Made with mango butter, shea butter, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, and our infused oil. Reduces stretch marks, dissolves blemishes, keeps skin supple, retains coloration in tattoos and pigmentation on the skin. Anti-aging.

How’d you start?

Twinks: we worked next to each other. She (SQ) was good. Really fucking good. Like she’d get your kids to save up their weekly allowance to buy a bath bomb good. Or sit there at her chair with her foldable black table where her plethora of essential oils and tin dropper, customizing a blend for you with her 20 years of bartending experience requirements — exactly to your liking and perfect every time.

We complimented each other.

I handed her a jar of oil one day. I cooked a pound down extracted into a giant mason jar and asked her to start infusing some of her products.

What would the pleasure of cannabis do as a topical vs just smoking or eating it?

It was maaaaagical! *cue fireworks

We went to underground markets. Sold to friends and family. Had Bianca Fuchs rebrand our logo. Grinded it out day by day. Had a photographer named Andrew Nguyen shoot our products. Produced our own flower. Found organic + biodynamic farmers to source from. Worked our way into dispensary shelves.. Now we’re here.

When did you go legal?

Around May. We had a meeting with Stone Age. We became established under their manufacturing license. A type N license. It’s pretty amazing. They have been around for years and everyone in Los Angeles has heard of them before. Niko was actually the matchmaker who paired the owner and her husband of the company together years ago. We’re grateful to be under their wing with the freedom to still have our input, work, and ideas expressed into our products.

What’s been the biggest struggle going legal?

Following all the rules and guidelines. They’re always changing — sometimes quarterly. Like after the July 1st deadline where every product has to be: tamper proof, child resistant, and lab tested. We found a lab called Encore Labs located in Pasadena. Spencer gracefully answers all of our questions and concerns and always got back to us promptly. I guess that’s everything you can ask for from a tester right? The lab test took forever though! 21 business days but we passed all five components our very first try. It felt great knowing that what we were producing was clean, pure, and now had results to back it.

Going legal has its own hurdles. It’s having to abide by laws that are constantly being rewritten and changing every six months. It’s having to come up with money to fund our business for things like material cost, flower cost, bills, lab testing – all while still managing to survive in California. Our company is small. It’s just us. We’re not coming from large pockets. Every dollar we pour into this is self funded from our blood, sweat, & tears. We don’t have investors. We’re learning from our mistakes. Thanks for believing in our company.

We promise to always stay humble. Just keeping our heads low & presenting great products at affordable prices.

If you could change anything in the industry what would it be?

Twinks: A more open conversation between patients, makers, and farmers. People should know where their medicine is coming from. And that medicine should be produced all naturally – forget that force fed blasphemy! Nature doesn’t like to be messed with.

Knowledge is so important. As a consumer, they should do their research as to what fits, what’s a complete lie, and what works for them. Every person is different.

Do you believe in your product?

SQ: yes! Wholeheartedly. It’s to the point where people write us handwritten thank you cards or come back and visit us just to show us that the topicals are working. I had a customer who received cancer radiation on her foot so it was completely swollen and liquid filled. She came back a week later and the swelling on her foot had shrunk to almost nothing. Our products have been giving mobility back to people who are in serious pain and need relief. When we first started creating these products – we wanted to help our families. Now we hope to target people who often have negative connotations or misunderstandings about cannabis. They are fed up with western medicine and getting prescribed 14 different drugs for their medical condition. A lot of our customers now have hope and a lot are pain free. It makes us so happy to see them feeling better and happy.

Education is key.

Who does what?

SQ makes the salve. Twinks makes the body butter. Those are the two products we currently have tested. When we have more funding, we will lab test our bath bombs. Maybe massage oils, tinctures, or soaps too. We’ll see..

How is the work divided?

Yin & yang. SQ prints all of our labels on a printer we bought together. She’s detail orientated and makes sure everything is always neatly presented. An Aries pumped with survival instincts. Twinks runs the oil and does a lot of the online promo. We help each other whenever we can. It’s a relationship. We have good days and bad days. Our mission to provide a valuable product to patients. We both work markets. We’re busy moms that just understand the hustling mentality and couldn’t imagine our lives without each other.

Where is this going?

We’re currently in several stores like StoneAge Farmacy in Gardena & Long Beach, Omnia Industry, Arts District Cannabis Collective, and even a delivery service in San Jose called Top Shelf Express! We hope to expand all over California. One container at a time. CBD products we’re hoping to launch nationwide.

Dreams or goals?

Maybe compete in a topical competition one day. Oh, and Twinks would love to have one of her products placed in Brad Pitt’s restroom. Johnny Depp for SQ!

Gypsy Magic or fun fact — go!

Collect (7) one dollar bills with the serial number 7 on it. Every dollar must be gifted and not sought after. Once you have collected every bill, clip it together with a paper clip and place it in the back left corner of your house. A magical manifestation will occur.

The first time we tried it, we got our very first wholesale order. Xoxo


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