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Random Rev

Hey-hey everyone. Today’s article is fully random with respect to the subject matter. I’m just going to whip out some interesting, and I think way cool tidbits I have learned about growing, breeding, and partaking of cannabis; in my 4 decades of pursuing connoisseur results.

A Nice Connoisseur Finish for These TLO Grown Ladies

I am working on a new book lately, it’s the True Living Organics Druids’ Guide; and it’s way off the chain amigos—LoL—way! I am making it so my latest book (TLO 2nd Edition) and the Druids’ Guide can both work excellent for you. The 2nd Edition of TLO uses a lot of dry nutrients and minerals to recycle and amend your soil with. The Druid’s Guide is far more “Bohemian” shall we say. All about worms, fish, poop, bugs, microbeasties, composting, recycling, sustainability, and the best cannabis plants ever. So, stay tuned.


Outdoors, in the Ground or in Containers—Dill Weed

LINK: Dill Weed:

Here’s a great tip man, and so easy as pie, Dill Weed baybee! Simply have some Dill Weed plants near your cannabis plants outside, like within 20 feet or so works best, but even as far as 40 feet away still works well in my experience. Dill Weed is a hard-core survivalist plant my friends, and they don’t really need much (if any) care other than occasional watering. You can see these plants growing along highways commonly, and doing fine on their own. Poor quality soil? No problem for Dill.

Insects called Hoverflies luvs them some Dill Weed plants, and they spend most of their time hovering around them feeding from the flowers of the Dill Weed. Pregnant Hoverflies early in the season will lay eggs on nearby vegetation—like your cannabis plants—and these eggs hatch into some bad ass carnivore larva that can’t fly yet. They will eat pretty much anything they find, Spider Mites, White Flies, Aphids, moth eggs, and baby caterpillars are on the menu. Great piece of advice here, use it.


Best LED x Grow Tent Combo

HLG 300 Full Spectrum LED in a Gorilla Grow Tent

This is a great quality, yet very affordable investment I think here. Even a smaller spare bedroom can hold a couple of tents. I am talking about smaller tents of course, the Gorilla Growing Tents that are 3’x3’ (floor square footage) are fantastic. The HLG 300 V2 LED lights (in the photo above) work awesome in these tents; and you can easily flower 4, 3-foot plants in these tents while still getting great yields. At only 300 watts these lights also save on the electric bill and amperage needs.

Honeywell Circulation Fan in Gorilla Tent

Don’t buy cheap tents, seriously here man, it will cost you more in the long run than just getting a great quality tent like Gorilla makes. These tents are tough, user-friendly, and almost absolutely light-tight. Using these tents inside a bedroom that you can make dark is perfect. I recommend venting these tents 24/7 with a cage-fan like an Elicent brand in-line style—they run super quiet and last forever.

These HLG 300 V2 LED lights are full spectrum and run fairly cool, but they themselves get pretty warm, so I like putting a circulation fan on the floor of my tents pointing straight up at the lights. I run these at low speed usually and also 24/7—this also gives you much needed circulation in the tents.

LINK: HLG 300 V2 4000K:


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How to Remove a Single Hermaphroditic Plant from Your Garden Indoors

Honeywell Circulation Fan in Gorilla Tent

Especially when flowering out a few Thai females, other landrace types, or something just questionable on the first run. Always start out with at least a few individual females, and look them over closely every other day at least—especially every morning! It’s not uncommon for some heirloom type cannabis genetics to toss out a hermaphroditic individual here and there.

Upon seeing any hermaphroditic expressions on a plant, here’s what you do to keep all your other valuable females as seedless as possible:

  • Turn off all fans.
  • Use a true misting sprayer to completely soak the entire plant.
  • Remove the plant carefully, taking it far away from the other females.
  • Lightly spray other plants with water.
  • Turn fan(s) back on and keep flowering and inspecting.

The water does double duty here, weighing down potential flying pollen, and killing it. Careful using sprayers that are not true misting sprayers. The water spray from regular sprayers can jostle the buds causing the hermaphrodites to release pollen. The true misters will saturate without disturbing.

Anytime you are doing a first run with any female plants from seed especially, you should always be vigil to spot any hermaphrodites during flowering. Then you can select from the sexually healthy females to keep; just take cuttings of all females first and label them like 1, 2, 3, etc. (so you know which clones to keep.)

Cheers homeskillets, REvski out! ????????

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