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Randy’s Remedy: A Complete Users Guide

Randy’s Remedy: A Complete Users Guide

WE HAVE RECEIVED a lot of feedback from our Randy’s Club members who are reporting positive results using Randy’s Remedy products. If you’re just getting started, you may have questions about how best to get started. It can be frustrating not knowing how much or how often to use Randy’s Remedy products, and what you should expect over the short, medium, and long term use.

To begin, you must first remember that every person is different, but if you commit to trying Randy’s Remedy Daily you will discover if it is right for you. Some may respond positively to low doses while others may need higher doses. Some start off with a low dose and slowly step up to a much higher dose, lowering their dose over time as their health improves and they no longer need as much Randy’s Remedy Daily to maintain the gains they have achieved. Regardless of the amount and frequency, consistent regular use is the key. We also know that people are using Randy’s Remedy products for a variety of reasons from mood stabilization and recovery from exercise-induced inflammation to more serious issues such as movement disorders or neurodegenerative conditions. While we have quality control measures in place to make sure that each bottle of Randy’s Remedy Daily is consistent, there are differences in how an individual’s body metabolizes and responds to the activated cannabinoids in Randy’s Remedy products.

As such no single set of instructions will fit every case. This is why we suggest using a process we call ‘Start Slow and Step-up’, a process that can work for everyone.


Before we get started:

If you’re trying Randy’s Remedy products for the first time, we suggest you speak to a healthcare professional or a trusted resource like one of our member care specialists. We can talk with you about your specific needs and give you personalized assistance and advice on how to use Randy’s Remedy products. You can reach us through our contact tab on our website or our facebook page.

The instructions below are for Randy’s Remedy Daily, but can be adapted for the Package or Lotion.

Start Slow and Step Up:

To find your ideal daily dose you’re going to first need to start with less in order to evaluate its effects and learn how your body responds to Randy’s Remedy Daily.

Start Slow:

  1. Start with half (½) a dropperful in the evening, every day for 7 days. If you are someone who is generally sensitive to supplements or other over the counter drugs like aspirin and acetaminophen, consider starting with one quarter dropperful or 5 drops.
  2. The first benefits you should notice will be related to sleep, if taken at a consistent time of day it will be easier to notice the effects.
  3. Some will notice the short term results after as little as 7 days. If so then they have found their ideal daily dose. In their case we might suggest they split their ideal daily dose into two doses, one in the morning and one in the evening. So if a half dropperful per day is effective, we would suggest taking 5 drops in the morning and 5 drops in the evening.
  4. As you start slow and step up your dose, it’s important to take inventory of your physical and mental health. Keep a journal, take notes of how much you are taking and any changes, mentally or physically, that occur. If you aren’t noticing improvements where you would like to see them, it’s time to step up.

Stepping Up:

  1. As you start stepping up, we recommend that you double your total daily dose by taking a half (½) dropperful in the morning and a half (½) dropperful in the evening. It’s important to be consistent and regular with your use in order to best evaluate how it’s working.
  2. Continue this dose for another 7 days before deciding whether or not to step up again. If you do, double the dose you take at night before doubling the dose you take in the morning.

Stepping Down:

  1. Although there are no psychoactive effects from Randy’s Remedy Daily, you may reach a dose where you feel that you have taken too much and the effects too acute. You should take a “half step” down, decreasing the morning dose first before decreasing the evening dose,

Once you have determine the dose of Randy’s Remedy Daily that delivers the benefits you are seeking, we suggest taking Randy’s Remedy in the morning and evening. Others find that taking lower doses more frequently is more effective. Ultimately the only way to find your ideal daily dose and ideal number of daily doses is to keep track and take inventory of the effects you experience.

It’s always best to use Randy’s Remedy Daily in a relaxed setting where you feel safe and secure. This is most conducive to a positive mental outlook which is an important part of our overall wellness. If you are using Randy’s Remedy Lotion throughout the day you may find that a midday dose of Randy’s Remedy Daily is not needed. Remember, the goal is to build up your level of cannabinoids in your body to ensure optimal functioning of the endocannabinoid system. As you step up your dose, be mindful of how you are feeling and remember that often times the cumulative benefits that build up over time can be subtle and difficult to notice except in hindsight.

If you choose to discontinue using Randy’s Remedy Daily you may notice that after 2 or 3 days, symptoms will begin to re-emerge that had been under control. After 7 days, you should be able to tell whether Randy’s Remedy products were working for you. At that point you can restart from where you left off or quickly step up from a lower dose to the amount that you previously found beneficial. If you find that you are going through your bottle too quickly, consider ordering a larger bottle size. We have new large size options in the shop at Randy’s Club.

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The key to getting the greatest benefit from Randy’s Remedy products is to stick to the plan, be aware of your body and be consistent. As you make Randy’s Remedy a part of your daily habit you will notice that the short, medium, and long term benefits are a result of its cumulative effects that come when you restore your body to its natural balance. We hope you will enjoy Randy’s Remedy products.



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