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Ready for this weekend? What Not to Miss at Harvest Ball 2021

Ready for this weekend? What Not to Miss at Harvest Ball 2021


  • Get your pipe and bags ready; this first-year event includes a must-see weekend filled with cannabis, music, conversation, art and activism
  • Full event schedule revealed on the new Harvest Ball App with set times and information for all activities, now available for download.
  • Last-minute intel for all attendees, including health & safety information

(Santa Rosa, California) Emerald Cup ( continues to set the pace for global Cannabis culture with a triumphant return to live events. Their inaugural Harvest Ball – this Saturday, December 11, and Sunday, December 12, 2021 – closes out a very remarkable year with a slate full of not-to-miss moments. A celebration perfectly set in the calendar to welcome the season’s freshest harvest, their entire tribe will gather to begin the famed journey to the 18th Annual Emerald Cup Competition and Awards set for springtime in Los Angeles. Alongside a full spectrum marketplace of cannabis excellence, a chart-topping musical soundtrack, and thought-provoking conversation, next Weekend’s gathering has so many exciting elements. We just decided to cut right to the chase and start sharing them. Enjoy!


We are proud to reveal the full schedule of the Harvest Ball 2021 available for view and constantly updated on the new Harvest Ball 2021 App available for download on GOOGLE STORE or the APPLE STORE. Search “HARVEST BALL” or scan QR codes below to download. With interactive schedules and GPS-powered maps, event attendees will be thrilled they did. Any programming updates will be reflected up to the minute.


The Harvest Ball is a moment of celebration coinciding with a crisis for the community of small farmers the Emerald Cup was born from. While tents are hoisted and booths built, the organizers raise their voices to bring awareness to this emergency with a mighty Small Farms Rally that will be the high-point of Saturday December 11’s schedule. Led by founder Tim Blake and joined by activists and organizations from across the Nor-Cal movement – including Genine Coleman, Michael Katz, Amber Senter, and Johnny Casalli – the powerful protest aimed at the powers that be in Sacramento will culminate at 4:20 PM EDT at the Emerald Stage.


The Harvest Ball organizers will present new awards to celebrate members of the Emerald Cup tribe who symbolize the excellence, ideals, and vision of the Cup. They are proud to announce: 

  • Marking the loss of an unforgettable member of the Emerald Cup community, the Harvest Ball 2021 Legacy Award places its honor on Frenchy Cannoli. 
  • For invaluable contribution to the community of cannabis activism, the Harvest Ball 2021 Advocacy Award will be presented to Sweet Leaf Joe. 
  • With special recognition of bravery, Tim Blake is presenting the Last Prisoner Project’s Emerald Cup Social Justice Award to recently released Eric McCauley
  • The Harvest Ball 2021 Cannabis Trail Cultural Landmark Award honoring Pebbles Trippet, a true matriarch of the Emerald Cup tribe. 
  • The Harvest Ball 2021 Regenerative Cannabis Farming Award presented by Jesse Dodd to Emerald Spirit Botanicals


The familiar voice of the Cup, the legendary Ngaio Bealum (@ngaio420) joins as the Harvest Ball 2021 master of ceremony leading the vibe from the Emerald Stage presented by Cookies with exciting performances including BIG WILD & Trevor Hall. The hype on the Redwoods Stage presented by Northern Lights is helmed by hip-hop artist and social-justice activist MC Sellassie. 


With two days of information sharing and spirited conversations, the 2021 Emerald Sessions presented by Social Club TV’s full schedule can be found at, but a few new additions to the schedule are not to be missed:

  • We kick off the first-ever Emerald Cup Harvest Ball Joint Rolling Contest with preliminaries on Saturday afternoon at the Garden Annex. Hosted by The Dank Duchess and The Grasshoppa, two cannabis influencers that know how to let the good times roll. After preliminary rounds, the competition moves to the main stage for the FINALS and a winner selection that evening before our headlining performances.
  • California cannabis has reached a critical juncture as “Big Agriculture” and small farms jockey for position in a complex and crowded new market. When Proposition 64 passed in 2016, the legislation was designed to protect small farms, giving them five years to get established before large farms were licensed. Just months into legalization, the process was undermined, resulting in large operators entering the industry early and cutting short any grace period for small farmers. What are the biggest challenges facing small farms right now? What kind of legislation do we need to create a better environment for small and large farms to co-exist? Join us for an Emerald Session not to be missed titled “Changing Landscape: Securing the Future of Small Farms” and visit our Craft Cannabis Marketplace in the Hall of Flowers
  • Emerald Sessions is pleased to host a fireside chat inspired by the documentary “Lady Buds.” Recently released in theaters and currently available on-demand on multiple platforms, “Lady Buds” is an award-winning documentary by CJ Russo that follows six courageous women who come out of the shadows of the cannabis underground to forge a path to legalization. Featuring second-generation cannabis farmer Chiah Rodriques, 72-year old African-American retired Catholic school principal turned dispensary owner Sue Taylor, Latinx queer activist Felicia Carbajal, serial entrepreneur Karyn Wagner, and Humboldt elders The Bud Sisters — their stories highlight the challenges they face as they fight for a piece of the American Dream in the very market they helped create. The chat will include the film’s director, writer, and producer, CJ Russo, Lady Bud and Mendocino County cannabis cultivator Chiah Rodriques, and Oakland-based cannabis advocate and entrepreneur Amber Senter and will be moderated by medicinal cannabis advocate and dispensary owner Jude Thilman.


Assembled across the Harvest Ball on the Sonoma County Fairgrounds is the fine art of Phaneros Art Gallery, the combined efforts of a group of dedicated artists and innovative collectors representing the pinnacle of collaborative potential in the pursuit of bringing psychedelic art to the people. They have created an interactive exhibit of exquisite visions from around the world, featuring a museum-quality collection of psychedelic artworks in an intimate space designed to explore the psychoactive effects of cannabis. The Phaneros Art Gallery Exhibit & Experience includes Phaneros Art Psychedelic Gallery Experience, Phaneros Art 3D Glasses Group Activation, Phaneros Art Live Painting by Monica Star




This year the Harvest Ball is taking extra health and safety precautions to create a safer experience for ALL of the guests. For all health & safety information, please visit: Event’s information is updated regularly in accordance with local and state guidelines. 


Leading into this Weekend, our team has been very busy creating the must-have Emerald Cup clothing and keepsakes for all our tribe and fans to enjoy. We recently launched the New Emerald Cup Webstore HERE. Check out our latest drop of commemorative Harvest Ball 2021 items and get your hands on the latest collaborations as we reveal them. SHOP TODAY.


The Emerald Stage presented by Cookies

  • Opening Blessings
    • (Join us in our traditional start-of-the-show moment to acknowledge that which is bigger than ourselves. Before the party starts, take a minute to ground and center yourself to Eliza’s singing bowls, prayers from Native American Elder Ron Lincoln. Mighty Mickey, the Emerald Cup’s Ambassador of Goodwill.)
  • Object Heavy 
  • Sol Development
  • Small Farmer’s Rally
    • (Support small legacy farmers that are the pioneers of the cannabis industry being crushed by the State and Corporate interests)
  • Bumpin Uglies
  • Monophonics 
  • Harvest Ball Awards Presentation
    • (Awards honoring Legacy, Social Justice, Regenerative Cannabis Farming, Advocacy, Cannabis Tourism)
  • Sudan Archives
  • Emerald Cup Harvest Ball Joint Rolling Contest Finals (hosted by Dank Duchess)

The Redwood Stage (Inside Sara Lee Building) presented by Northern Lights Festival

  • Yurok Ancestral Guard Opening Blessing 
  • 432
  • Ultraknock
  • Christafari b2b GAMMA
  • DJ Guidance
  • Free Creatures
  • Sidecar Tommy
  • Random Rab
  • KURUPT & FRIENDS featuring members of the Wu Tang Clan
  • Mr. Carmack

Garden Annex featuring the Emerald Sessions presented by SocialClub TV

  • Legacy Cannabis Forward 2022
  • Creating Real Impact: Empowering Social Equity Operators in the Cannabis Industry
  • Regenerative Farming: People, Practice, Place
  • Farming Wildlife Friendly Cannabis in a Drought
  • Eat, Drink And Be Merry: Food, Beverages & Cannabis Hospitality
  • ECHB Joint Rolling Contest
  • Hip Hop & the War on Drugs
  • The New Wave of Psychedelics
  • Sexual Healing: Cannabis Under the Covers
  • Fireside Chat: Lady Buds


  • Hot Shit: Custom Build your Compost
  • Regenerative Farmers Panel Q & A
  • Gardening with Comfrey & Seed Breeding 
  • Beyond the Horn: Biodynamics and BD 500 
  • Pairings and Profiles in Hash and Chocolate 

AREA 101

  • Sound Bath: Immerse In A Space of Healing Intention
  • Cannamaste & Roots Council
  • Emerald Triangle Tourism
  • Multidimensional Networking

SUNDAY DEC 12, 2021

The Emerald Stage presented by Cookies

  • Mendo Dope
  • Shook Twins 
  • Dumpstaphunk

The Redwood Stage (Inside Sara Lee Building) presented by Northern Lights Festival

  • Yurok Ancestral Guard Opening Blessing
  • Cannaba 55
  • Lucy Redhead
  • DJ Rundat 
  • A Hundred Drums
  • Keak da Sneek
  • Soohan
  • Dirtwire

Garden Annex featuring the Emerald Sessions presented by SocialClub TV

  • California Cannabis Forward 2022
  • What’s Next for Cannabis Taxes?
  • Biologicals: A Tool for Regenerative Cannabis Production
  • Changing Landscape: Securing the Future of Small Farms & Building the Regenerative Supply Chain
  • Behind the Scenes: The Emerald Cup Judging Experience 
  • The Hottest Topics in Genetics
  • The Mushroom Movement: Adaptogenic Mushrooms and Craft Products


  • Home Brews: Compost Tea Recipes and Insights 
  • Blue Barrel Rainwater Catchment 
  • Soil Trends: Observations from a Decade of Soil Testing in Humboldt County 

AREA 101

  • Sound Bath: Immerse In A Space of Healing Intention
  • Cannamaste & Roots Council
  • Cannabis Trail
  • Genetics
  • Multidimensional Networking

Emerald Cup Harvest Ball

at the Sonoma County Fairground, Santa Rosa, California



Emerald VIP & Super Emerald VIP

General Admission

Marketplace Hours



Emerald VIP & Super Emerald VIP

General Admission

See Also

Marketplace Hours


Visit: for more information and to purchase tickets.




Saturday Only – Tier 2 = $85.00 (GATE PRICE: $95)

Sunday Only – Tier 2 = $85.00 (GATE PRICE: $95)



General Admission 2-Day Weekend – $140.00 (GATE PRICE: $160)

Emerald VIP 2-Day Weekend – $649.00 (GATE PRICE: $699)

Super Emerald VIP 2-Day Weekend– $799.00 (GATE PRICE $849)


*$1.00 of every ticket sold will go to Sweet Leaf Collective for Compassionate Care


The event is open to anyone 21 years or older with a valid photo ID. Licensed Cannabis Consumption areas are 21+ with valid photo ID. 

For additional information on The Emerald Cup 2022, Harvest Ball or to speak with founder Tim Blake, please contact Kenneth Loo, Chapter 2, [email protected] Parties interested in exhibiting, sponsoring, or supporting the upcoming Harvest Ball, please contact Gina Gallo at [email protected]




The Emerald Cup is the world’s premier virtual cannabis destination and iconic live event. While advancing the concept of sustainable, sun-grown farming, the 17-year old organization’s reputation is firmly solidified as the largest, most-respected cannabis competition in the world. As a group, The Emerald Cup prides itself in bringing together leading experts in the cannabis industry to educate and inspire our fellow farmers, patients, and patrons each year. The community celebration has grown to become a global movement honoring the year’s finest organic and sun-grown cannabis harvest as well as the finest cannabis products available. The Cup has stood as a celebration of excellence and, over the years, has seen founder Tim Blake recognized as a guardian of the ever-changing cannabis industry.