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REVIEW: Blessed Edibles Oatmeal Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

REVIEW: Blessed Edibles Oatmeal Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies


Blessed Edibles is a craft-cannabis edible company based in Toronto, and is the creation of international muay thai fighter, Angelina. 

As a fighter, Angelina knows all too well about the healing and pain-relieving benefits of cannabis, especially when consumed in edible form. Seeing that the majority of cannabis edibles in the marketplace were either high in sugar or simply unhealthy, these not only diminished the benefits of the cannabis (sugars and gluten triggers an inflammatory response), but they were completely unsuitable for someone who needed to be in peak shape and needed to maintain a disciplined diet.

Angelina developed Blessed Edibles to fill that void in the market, providing health conscious individuals edible cannabis options that are delicious, yet don’t compromise their health regiment in any way, and in fact, support it. Products like medicated, home-brewed kombucha, or infused grass-fed butter pucks prepped for a high-fat, “bulletproof” coffee are perfect examples of why Blessed Edibles products are far more than your typical cannabis edible.

Accessing Blessed Edibles

Blessed Edibles products can often be found in various pop-up markets around Toronto, such as The Green Market and High 5 Market, as well as in various dispensaries in Toronto, such as the Sea Of Green Dispensary They can also be found on their website or on their instagram page @blessededibles.

Packaging & Appearance

In accordance with announced strict cannabis labeling laws, Blessed Edibles took the wise step of revising their brand and packaging to fit with the upcoming regulations. 

Many seem to believe the mandate for minimal design in upcoming packaging regulations will make labelling and packaging boring, but Blessed Edibles proves them wrong. Their new packages are slick, clean, and the label designs make great use of negative space. The cookies are packaged in a heat-sealed, black foil, ziplock bag. One side displays the dosage and has a neat short story on the cookie and the company’s philosphy. The other side contains appropriate warning info and a detailed breakdown of nutritional information. Commercial standard, to say the least!

I opened up the pack and inside were two cookies. The label stated 100mg of THC and 40mg of CBD, which I assume is the total of the two cookies combines. With the popularity of THC distillates used for edibles, it was nice to see CBD listed on the label too. The fact that these cookies are made with cannabis butter means that they’ll contain many more of the helpful cannabinoids in the plant. 

I took out the cookies and was immediately impressed. Both were consistent in shape, size, and smell, and looked commercial grade. Something you don’t often find in your typical ‘craft’ edible.

Smell, Texture, Taste

As soon as I opened the package my nose was hit with strong peanut butter smells and hints of chocolate. I had tried these cookies once before and I remember how good they were, so I couldn’t wait to nibble on these once more! 

These cookies were buttery and soft, crumbling nicely as I bit into them. The bold dark chocolate pieces balanced well with the creamy sweetness of the peanut butter. 

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Despite being made with cannabutter, these cookies had almost no hint of cannabis flavour or smell and they tasted absolutely delicious. The oatmeal gives the cookie that added texture and homemade flavour too. 

In all honesty, this is probably one of the tastiest cookies I’ve ever had, infused or not. These cookies melt in your mouth and leave you craving for more, so self-control is a must! 


I have a super-high tolerance, so I ate both cookies on an empty stomach when I hadn’t consumed too much cannabis that day. 

I found the effects of these cookies came on quite gradually, and it was only until an hour or more later when my body felt heavy that I had realized they had taken hold! I was left with a nice buzz that lasted a couple of hours.  As a post-workout treatment, I can imagine this being perfect to recover and relax. 

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