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REVIEW: Honest Blunts

REVIEW: Honest Blunts

I RECENTLY HAD THE CHANCE to try out Honest Blunts, 100% all-organic, hemp-wrapped, and machine rolled-blunt made from whole cannabis flowers. I’m a sucker for minimalist aesthetics, and I was immediately drawn to the travel case. It’s soft like silicone, fits in the palm of your hand, and the click of the case snapping shut is oddly satisfying. It felt couldn’t help but feel like James Dean when I busted them out.  

Knowing it’s a ‘pre-roll’, I prepared for a little bit of harshness that comes with oxidized herbs. That wasn’t the case. Each hit was exceptionally smooth, Surprisingly smooth. I’m not a newbie to high-quality organic weed, so why was this different? 

Turns out Honest Blunts are sealed and packed in nitrogen rather than oxygen, significantly slowing the decomposing process of the cannabis flower AND hemp wrap. Fuck yeah, science! 

Their site says this packaging process will keep the herb fresh for years, rather than weeks, however, I noticed the freshness deteriorate after a few days of being opened. Their blunts come individually packed in nitrogen and that will be my go-to next time. 

I’ll probably unwrap the individual ones as needed and pop them into the minimalist travel case that I love so much.  This way I know it’s a fresh one and I can still embody James Dean. 

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